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RSPCA attack is a masterclass in how conservatives argue

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    Posted by Saboteur at 11/08/15 18:15:06

    Im right of centre and I'm a vegan. In the UK Alan Clarke was a famous hardline Conservative and supported the ALF.

    Plenty of UK conservatives hate foxhunting

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 11/09/15 04:42:53


    When you say you're a vegan, do you mean you eat a vegan diet or follow a vegan lifestyle and philosophy?

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 11/12/15 16:25:05

    I mostly have an issue with what is now called "neoconservative" or complete fascism. A person can potentially lean right and still be concerned for animal welfare. Because of my kind of blend of environmental-libertarian-vegetarian-Christian beliefs, I honestly find it difficult to stomach the propaganda of both the right and the left. ..and the Guardian is quite full of propaganda, I actually had to unfollow them on Facebook because they're so irrationally opposed to any intelligent discourse on the risks of Islam in the West, they shut it all down with childish cries of xenophobia. ..I think it would behoove more people to understand that the right and left have become rather like football teams out to get one another at any cost..even when it means utterly abandoning anything except irrational rebellion towards the other side.

    If we're going to get anything done for our environment, animal rights, and human welfare, we need to stop demonizing one another and recognize we might get through to someone who has an opposing viewpoint by honestly attempting to comprehend the psychology of how they came to their conclusions.

    But yes fox hunting is awful, and the only leg they have to stand on is :tradition:

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