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The Eastern Shore Sanctuary and Education Center is putting out a fervent plea to anyone within 500 miles of Vermont.

At the moment, we have about eight-ten roosters whom we are looking to place in good homes. These are NOT fighters, nor even FORMER fighters. They are all former "pets" whom people have decided they were tired of.

We love our birds. We remain committed to providing good homes for as many of them as we can safely and healthfully house. However, physical space and group dynamics being what they are preclude us from taking in as many roosters as we would like to be able to care for. If we can place just a few roosters in good homes, this will make a remarkable difference in our yards.

Are you living in a place where chickens are allowed to live (zoned agricultural)? Do you have room for a rooster or two? If so, drop us a line at We would love to talk with you about the possibility of adoption (including discussing our protocols for same).

Or, please feel free to call 802-885-4017 to talk it over.

Whatever you do, don't let the myths about roosters get in your way! They are fabulous animals who deserve a second chance.

For the animals,

Eastern Shore Sanctuary and Education Center

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