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Hi everyone,

I'm an archivist and researcher at Monash University, Australia looking to partner with organisations or individuals to discuss ways to achieve a full and balanced record of animal rights history - if you'd like to participate or know someone who can - please be in touch! Thank you

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 01/18/17 12:48:04

    A "full and balanced" record...?

    Isn't this a bit like the global warming deniers asking for equal time on the climate issue?

    We've been getting the viewpoint of the corporations that benefit from abusing animals for many years in the MSM. The voices of those who really care about all life have largely been silenced by denying them access to television advertising, jailing them for protesting and even creating "gag" laws to deny their freedom of speech.

    If you want the real history of the animal rights movement, go . to the websites of the scores of animal welfare/rights organizations or go to your local library. You can also find a reading list at my website...

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    Posted by KathyJarvie at 01/18/17 21:23:41

    Great reply, I completely agree - but are these websites being accurately and systematically recorded over time with influence of activists? A government archive records permanently the administrative voice of the gag law supporters and enforcers. Not balanced at all yet it is the model for keeping a nation's archival history (one with boundaries). Administrative documents of animal rights issues from the point of view of the activist (ie the voice of the organisation and animals themselves) are lost in the cracks of legislative and social bias.

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    Posted by TheCrumbyVegan at 02/05/17 08:11:44

    Sorry, this may be off topic... But how do you feel about yesterday with regards to Trump ordering the USDA to remove inspection reports and other similar information regarding the treatment and welfare of thousands of animals from its website? Does this create any problems for you?

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