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Dutchess County Fair is a fair I've been going to since I was little. Over the past few years however, I have come to notice that a Livestock Sale/Auction is a big part of this fair. Many animals are sent to dairy farms, slaughterhouses, etc, etc. I want to know if there is ANYTHING I can do to protest this disturbing auction! This is not okay, I want to make my voice heard. Opinions are much needed! Thank you all very much!

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    Posted by Worldly Wags at 10/23/13 03:56:46

    Hello! Thank you SO much for wanting to take a stand for animals! If you want to protest the fair auction, I would recommend taking a multi-pronged approach.

    First, start getting active on social media. Get your local friends behind it, and send out easily-shareable images with information on cruelty to livestock and how they shouldn't go to the fair.

    Next, start leafleting public spaces to get the word out. Use very clear and concise literature which explains exactly why people shouldn't go. Along with that you can have a petition for people to sign to send to the fair asking them to end the sale of livestock.

    Lastly, during all of this be trying to get a group together to protest outside on the day of the fair. Make sure you are following laws and standing on public property, otherwise they can kick you out. Search for helpful information regarding protesting, they are definitely the experts on the topic! (and you can always ignore what you feel uncomfortable with).

    Good luck! Please let us know how it goes!


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    Posted by hushpuppie00 at 02/13/14 13:31:49

    If I may ask what aspects of the auction are disturbing? Is it the housing, the treatment of animals, where the animals will end up, or just the act of the auction in general?

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/16/14 10:38:49


    It's the disastrous effects that consumption of meat and dairy products have on human health, the environment and the non-human animals being slaughtered by the billions daily...not to mention the issue of human starvation caused by unsustainable farming practices.

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    Posted by hushpuppie00 at 02/17/14 20:02:53

    Disastrous effects on human health? Can you elaborate please?
    In multiple medial journals there have been publications reporting that there is no connection between a moderate amount of lean red meat and cancer.
    The cattle industry is formulated around maximizing the land. So I'm not sure environmentally damaging can be a label associated with them.
    Human starvation will be what will happen when the cattle, swine, and poultry industry is shut down.
    Also as the population grows and farmland decreases so will the yield from crops because of the amount of land is proportional to the yield of crops. Therefore if based solely on crops and farmland the population will not be able to be sustained on crops alone. Therefore leaving industries such as cattle, pork, and poultry to support the difference.

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