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Is this true??

Here is a link: Is this real?

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 01/07/15 05:26:39

    It's a fairly common practice to euthanize animals that are suffering from advanced disease or extreme abuse by owners.

    It's considered to be putting an end to extreme pain and suffering in a merciful manner. You saw many examples of this on Animal Planet's shows about local organizations who work tirelessly to protect animals.

    PETA has responded to such charges many times over the years...charges made by those who dislike PETA'S efforts to protect animals from abuse.

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    Posted by BigBadPlant at 01/08/15 02:25:54

    PETA is trying to do all the best for the animals but I do think that they are over their heads sometimes. Some cases of euthanasia were unjustified.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 01/08/15 06:06:24


    If and when to "euthanize" is always a difficult and rather arbitrary decision.

    PETA, like any large organization is not perfect, but the good they have done FAR outweighs any errors in judgment they may have made.

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    Posted by anahidscv at 06/05/15 12:41:05

    Yes its true, my contact with PETA staff has verified that. And like everyone's comments posted, they euthanize the ones that are not "adoptable". I have been explained it to be severely abused, advance stages of disease or illness or possibly too aggressive, this is mainly dogs that they have rescued. I know there are rehabilitation options, but it can get very expensive. This also made me angry when I found out and wanted to know directly from them and yes they confirmed. Also after reading a book titled, "Lost Dogs" these were Michael Vicks dogs, I found out that PETA had recommended for these dogs to be destroyed, which they were completely wrong. So many were given a chance and I am glad they did get that chance, because those dogs deserved it and turned out to be amazing wonderful pets. Its really something to think about when anyone thinks about donating their money to these organizations. I have found out that some claim to save animals, yet they believe in controlling population as well, so killing them.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 06/06/15 05:04:41


    Read more carefully. With millions of "unwanted" pets needing homes, any group working for the good of non-human animals has tough decisions to make. If I run a shelter with housing for 100 animals and I have 200 animals needing housing, which do I choose to save?

    Oftentimes, two vets in the same office cannot even agree on which animals to try and save and which to euthanize. These are not such easy choices.

    You seem to have a dislike for PETA because they disagreed with you on some fine points. Having been an advocate for animals for forty years, I have yet to meet anyone who believes exactly as I do on all issues. That doesn't stop me from supporting many groups and individuals.

    Spend 35 years working for animals as PETA has done, and then you can criticize them with more authority.

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    Posted by ellie4animals4ever at 07/15/15 08:29:53

    PETA is one of the websites that made me decide to be Vegetarian. But I've heard so many people on the internet saying how PETA kills more animals than it saves that I've begun to think that maybe PETA isn't as kind to animals as some people think.

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    Posted by anahidscv at 07/15/15 13:12:05


    By no means I am criticizing PETA. I am simply indicating my communication with PETA. I know these organizations have a tough choice to make, and I know PETA has saved many animals and brings awareness and does many investigations for to stop animal cruelty, but they can all make mistakes and alternatives can be available such as saving and evaluating Michael Vicks dogs instead of ordering them to be destroyed, bad, bad decision that was on the part of many animal rights organizations at that time. My opinion also is that I am against destroying an aggressive dog, as there are many training methods to help and rehabilitate the animal. We don't kill our babies when they act out, do we? If you are a PETA staffer, then contact me directly. I have already attended their demonstrations many times. Humans are the problem and not the animals. This planet is populated by humans and I don't see humans being destroyed? Why do the animals need to be destroyed? Do not agree at all. Also once again, an organization such as Defenders of Wildlife believes in population control and I have already verified that with them. They claim to save the wolves, but once the wolves get to a certain required number, then they will kill much for an animal rights organization, they will never get my dollar.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 07/16/15 06:22:22


    The number of lives that PETA has saved is incalculable. Animals in research labs, in rodeos, in circuses, on factory farms, "owner" abuse, etc. So no, they have not "killed more animals than they have saved".


    I'm pretty sure that Michael Vick's dogs were "evaluated" and many were saved.

    Keep in mind that people who fear those of us who care about non-human life are not above spreading rumors and half-truths about activist individuals and organizations.

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    Posted by anahidscv at 07/16/15 11:23:40


    My point is that both PETA and HSUS had recommended for Michael Vick's dogs to be destroyed without an evaluation. I had a conversation with a staff member about that at HSUS and after a few small organizations and individuals stepped in and decided to give these animals a chance, I know HSUS changed their policy after that to evaluate each dog to determine whether they will be adoptable or not. And please tone it down a little bit, these are not rumors, but facts. Read up on it and you will find out. I have personal emails from both organizations in regards to this matter, HSUS and PETA. Also read the "LOST DOGS" and you will see what I mean.

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    Posted by RJS at 07/16/15 12:35:02

    This stinks of a smear campaign against PETA. They have someone ( probably the meat industry ) scared enough to be trying to spread this stuff all over the internet.
    I'm sure that PETA do have to kill some of the animals they rescue.
    You can choose to donate to charities who promise to never put a healthy dog down but they won't be able to take as many dogs in.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 07/17/15 07:01:08

    Well said. No one should ever assume that the meat and dairy industries does not do everything it can to discourage people from caring too much about non-human animals.

    When John Robbins went on a speaking tour to promote "Diet For a New America" in 1988, the meat/dairy folks hired a professional speaker to actually follow him around the country challenging his facts. Then it was discovered that the facts being challenged were statistics from the meat industry and the Department of Agriculture!

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