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I think we can't stop animal cruelty by becoming vegetarian alone, if we could stop using leather made items like shoes, bags, wallets, belts could help to stop rising the demand and thus can work against it better.
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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 10/28/16 11:55:08

    Animal skin (leather) is a slaughterhouse product. If not for slaughterhouses there would not be a leather industry such as we have today.

    That's why the vegan philosophy and lifestyle is so's goal is to reduce the amount of suffering in the world as much as possible.

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    Posted by madjennsy at 10/31/16 19:18:45

    Imagine if the whole world went vegan?
    There are tons of plant-based options that are sustainable and are actually gaining more and more popularity everyday. I'm confident as we keep our hearts pure and teach as many people we have around, our family is going to change. Then our family will eventually change other families and therefore the city and the country eventually. We need to change our culture and create new trends for people to love and care for! I saw awesome options such as mushrooms and pineapple leftovers leather-like products. Their leather was soo awesomee because not only is 100% plant-based but it's sustainable. :)

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    Posted by Praveen at 11/02/16 09:16:58

    Thanks ahimsa32fa and madjennsy for sharing your opinion and suggestions
    Self awareness and introspection is best quality a human should have then they could be compassionate to all creatures on earth

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    Posted by happah10 at 01/24/17 18:16:38

    Old post, but I'll chime in anyway. As of the date that I write this, there's really not many alternatives to leather and the alternatives have their own set of issues.
    Leather is a very durable material. For full disclosure, I am a vegan and no longer buy leather products but I have not found there to be a good direct replacement for leather. Only other types of less durable fabrics. Sure, there's petrochemical based materials like vinyl but again, they have their fair share of serious issues and health and environmental concerns. Good luck finding a saddle made out of something other than leather. They just don't exist.

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    Posted by Veg4Life75 at 07/07/17 22:16:16

    I just want to note that leather is not a slaughterhouse by-product, as I know many seem to believe this. There is a demand for leather items and so there is a supply. Cows skins are primarily used for leather but leather also comes from dogs, cats, snakes, alligator, ostrich, kangaroos, sharks, rays, skates, etc.

    From Other Animals

    Leather Types

    Original source:

    As far as vegan alternatives, I shop at Ross, Marshalls*, TJ Maxx* and thrift stores** mostly. I don't shop much at Payless these days but they do sell vegan shoes.

    *Beware - they sell a ton of leather, but they also sell natural/cruelty free products, vegan food and household cleaning products.

    **If I see a leather or fur item and it's affordable, I will buy it and either burn it or bury it - as I don't want anyone to enjoy it -- and it should be laid to rest in some form.

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