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I've been doing on line searching about panting cats.

Well, an isolated incident occurred shortly after moving to this house when Indy Prid was playing with the lazer pointer for a bit and when I brought the red dot onto my arm and slowly down and stopped it, his eyes got huge, his teeth reared and he hissed at it loudly (he's not a hisser) and then panted for about 20 seconds or so.

Well, here I am, relaxing on my couch after a shower, checking email before bed and I hear him panting again. This time he's sitting in my dad's chair by the window.

He's done.

I wonder how often this occurs?
The window is open, yes, but I don't see anything unusual to my human sensory make up.

He did insist on staying in the bathroom while I showered, as always, and it got pretty steamy.

So far I haven't seen anything that would lead to a concern.

However does anyone else have any experience with a panting cat? If so, is there anyone who's experience of such had any conclusions of an illness or condition that was harmful?
He doesn't show any signs of illness... very active and healthy and happy and silly as usual.
He's just over 8 months old, a good sturdy flea free and worm free MainCoon (discovered to be), and an indoor kitty (happily now that we have a house with ROOM:))
anyway, even if no problems it would be cool to know if others have had a panting cat as well.


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    Posted by Tatiana at 09/16/08 10:11:10

    What was it??? When I read your first post I started worrying that it sounded like he might have had a seizure[My dog and my one of my mom's dog have seizures (I guess it runs in their family, their dad had them) and some of the things they do are get dilated pupils and pant/drool.]

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    Posted by HM at 09/16/08 17:34:26

    oh by reaching out to friends who have responded about their panting cats, researching on line, and speaking to a vet tech friend who called me back (on vacation when it came up), my cat's panting behavior falls under a catagory of not many, but many of panting cats.
    When he panted at the red dot on my arm, he first hissed, then with the same "hissing face" frozen onto him, he panted "at" it.
    The moth and spuirrel, he didn't hiss, however "panted" while looking at it with an crazy look on his face.
    I guess I have a few friends who's cat does the same thing.
    My vet tech friend said that some cats will pant as others chatter (clicking the teeth) at something they see and want or when they get excited.
    Dogs pant because that is how they stay cool. It is normal and healthy. They HAVE to pant.

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    Posted by HM at 09/15/08 17:38:57

    yeah this is not heat related.
    it was more out of excitement with the laser dot, and looking out the window I think he saw something I didn't.
    I've seen him do it at a bug that was on the wall one night when I came home (he had come in with me... a big moth), and then looking at the squirrel yesterday afternoon who was in the tree on the other side of the window chattering about and staring at him.
    about the kidney thing... neither of my cats had it, it was a friends cat. My cats are very healthy. And this one is the kitten (well, a big kitten at that, maincoon, and much bigger than my 12 year old already at almost 9 months).
    Either way, thanks for the feedback. I got it figured out (also talked to a vegan friendly vet assistant I know as well.)

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    Posted by kindlizard at 09/15/08 01:52:16

    my cat only did that a few times, she's now just shy of 13.
    she did it on road trips a few times and i actually put her in front of the a/c, which we are not big users...

    usually its heat related, from what i've seen. just keep him out of the bathroom during steamy showers and make sure there is LOTS of fresh water around the new space. if the transition is fresh, he may not really like the new H2O spot, or maybe I think sometimes that the more water there is around the house, my kitty is more likely to drink. i constantly worry about her water intake anyhow, especially in the summertime or pollen time. i also worry since i told you about her kidney/bladder/uti deal a while ago that i want to make sure she is flush w water. but otherwise than hydration (the name of the game) probably just excited or hot...

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    Posted by Tatiana at 09/16/08 18:13:21

    Well I'm so glad it ended up being normal, I know I get worried about my babies as well!

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