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I have a few made up jokes and sayings. They amuse no-one but me but I'll nevertheless state one of them: 'Three indefinables in life are 'God,' 'love,' and 'vegetarianism.' Perhaps the concept which intrigues me the most is that of 'love.' That word means so many different things to different people, and to confuse matters further most folk would say "Naturally I love my wife in a different way to the way I love my children." I personally can't relate to that view, although I obviously can see that love can be expressed in many different ways. That is something else entirely. But for the purpose of this thread let's consider how we express love for our pets. Some pets seem to get a better deal than others, and on the whole dogs and cats appear to fare reasonably well. But what about the rest? Pets whom I consistently see that are failing to secure a fair shake of the dice are horses, rabbits, and snakes. As regards horses (in England), most are kept on small pieces of pasture on the edge of town. Once a land owner secures permission to upgrade agrigultural land to 'pony paddocks' then the price of that land multiples many times over. Consequently horse / pony owners purchase far too small a piece of pasture and the horse(s) spend all day trying to secure a couple of mouthfulls of food. Rabbits and snakes, in their own settings (and nothing to do with the cost of land) appear to more often than not also suffer from idaquate housing facilities. Rabbits often being kept all day in a hutch not large enough to satisfy the curiosity of a mouse, and ten or even twent foot long giant snakes kept in cramped tanks from where they may be let out for five minutes a week if they are lucky. To me, that's a strange form of 'love.' Indeed I can't see that it's love at all.

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