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The most extensive wolf hunt in Sweden since the last century started on January 2: nd, 2010. More than 12 000 wolf hunters registered to shoot 27 wolves in the five counties of Dalarna, Värmland, Gävleborg, Örebro and Västra Götaland. This kind of extensive wolf hunt hasn't been seen since the 1920s. Over 10 % of the Swedish wolf population was shot, although there aren't more than 230-250 wolves in total. This hunt lacks any scientific reason, and is a violation of the European Union's legislations of the Habitats Directive.

Appeal !

• I protest against the fact that the government opens up to licensed hunting of wolves at a time when the wolf population is far from fulfilling the prerequisites of Favourable Conservation Status.

• I also protest against freezing the wolf population at 210 individuals. Instead set a new interim goal of 300-400 individuals until the government's newly instigated evaluation of the wolf population has reported its results on July 1: st, 2012. This to ensure that the wolf population reaches a Favourable Conservation Status!


1. Join the facebook groups:
(Name of group [includes information in English]: Nej till licensjakt på varg!)
(Name of group [information only in Swedish]: Nej till vargjakt)

2. Sign the petition on

Note that this page is in Swedish and takes a while to upload due to the massive number of signatures on it. But please be patient. All you need to do is write your name under "Namn" and country under "Ort", verify the code (2 words shown in the white box) in the yellow box and click on "Skriv på uppropet!" . This petition will be sent to the Minister of the Environment, Andreas Carlgren, and members of the Committee on Environment and Agriculture.

3. Write personal letters to the Minister of Environment, Andreas Carlgren or the Minister of Agriculture, Eskil Erlandsson, through their mainpages.

To Andreas Carlgren:
To Eskil Erlandsson:

(the email link is on the right hand of the page)

4. Reconsider becoming a member of the Swedish Carnivore Association. Contact to become an abroad member.

5. Tell all your friends about this !

Thank you for caring about animals.

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    Posted by Cascadian at 01/04/10 18:43:45

    Thanks for posting this - we must take a stand for wolves and all that remains wild in this ever more controlled world we live in!

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