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Brand new animal rights club is looking for new members.

The clubs name is Elite Animal Rights Club; and the club is looking for new members to join the movement towards a better animal treatment.

Please email if interested for more details.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 07/26/15 04:38:31

    You clearly have good intentions.

    However, from my experience the name kind of feeds into the image of veggies (and especially vegans) as egoistic white know-it-alls. I've been told this by people of color, who you don't see much of at veggie events.

    Many years ago, one of the best selling vegan authors described vegans (to a large audience) as "the best people on Earth". He lost many fans with that one...

    elite noun
    the aristocracy; a small powerful group

    I fear not many poor or people of color will be attracted by the word, "elite".

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