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I'm a California resident and an academic with a business background. Much of what I've published is related to the human-animal relation, and since I'm a critical scholar, my work openly advocates for less or non-use of products that exploit and destroy non-human animals. I've resigned my position at the college (effective July 2014), and I'm taking my energy and advocacy for this issue into the not-for-profit sector.

I've done extensive research on the field to see where my energies might be most productive. I'd like to include in that research your thoughts. If you have a moment, please respond to this prompt:

What do you see as the most urgent animal welfare/rights/liberation issue (or issues) that is NOT being addressed (or is under-addressed)?

Really, these don't have to be long responses. I'd just like more input, and I thought the Happy Cow forum would be a great place to ask!

Thank you, in advance, for your thoughtful responses--I look forward to reading them!

my best,

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    Posted by NotLurking at 09/08/14 02:30:21

    After suffering an extremely painful, adverse reaction to a fluoroquinolone antibiotic, I learned that these same antibiotics are increasingly being fed to factory farm animals. I know that animals can suffer the same awful side effects from this class of antibiotics. It has been documented in pets. I have yet to hear anyone speak up regarding the misery this practice could be inflicting on livestock.

    The side effects of fluoroquinolone toxicity are excruciatingly painful and can last for years after ceasing taking the antibiotic. It's been a year and a half since I had the bad reaction, and I still cannot walk without crutches.

    I truly believe that force-feeding fluoroquinolones to livestock could be the worst form of animal cruelty of all time. I cannot imagine a more horrible form of torture.

    If you do some research on the subject, you'll learn how agonizing the side effects can be. You could visit the facebook "wall of pain" to see how it has affected humans who only took a few pills then stopped. Now imagine a farm animal suffering a similar reaction then still continuing to be force-fed more every day for months or years afterwards. The agony would be unspeakable.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 09/08/14 12:11:47

    The most ignored and perhaps the most important animal issue is the human belief that our species is superior to all others, giving us the right to do with them as we please.

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    Posted by savetheanimals at 07/27/13 10:45:44

    I saw on your happycow page that your vegetarian not vegan. I think the best thing you can do for the animals right now is go vegan.
    The most unaddressed animal issue is vegan education. In Maryland there is a program called the vegan living program and vegans can be coaches to nonvegans: I was one of the vegan coaches. I think you should set up a similar program. I think everyone should watch Gary Yourofsky's speech:
    You should watch the speech and show it at the vegan education group you set up. You should be vegan awhile before you set up the group so you know what your doing. Of course don't just show the video at the vegan education group. Teach people about the vegan lifestyle, all the ethical issues with animal products, the health benefits of being vegan and how to be vegan. If there is a farm animal sanctuary near you take people to meet the animals. Good luck.

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    Posted by DC1346 at 07/27/13 12:56:19

    A few days ago, someone posted the sad story about the impending death of a tuxedo kitten at a shelter. The cat was due to be put down because no one wanted her. I felt bad for the cat but according to the Humane Society, as many as 8 MILLION cats and dogs are put down on an annual basis in this country simply because no one can find homes for them.

    Part of the problem is that in this economy, the shelters are overflowing. Not only do animal control people continue to catch stray animals but an astounding number of pets are being dropped off at shelters by people who can no longer take care of them.

    Although this may be a touchy subject, I think animals should be neutered or spayed. Given how many puppies or kittens can be birthed in a single litter, our failure as a society to address this issue has resulted in a booming population ... the end result of which is the death of so many young animals.

    I know there are animal rights activists who would disagree with me because of their belief that animals have the right to procreate ... but given how many animals are being put down, I would ask which of the following is the worse alternative?

    Should we neuter our animals or should we slaughter them?

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    Posted by Worldly Wags at 10/23/13 03:41:25

    I think the most under-addressed issue is the suffering of animals in the dairy and egg industry. So many people are vegetarian for animals, and don't even realize that their other choices cause just as much suffering! I think veganism is also a highly-stigmatized choice, where vegans have been pinned as a little "nuts". This needs to change!


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    Posted by The Vegabonds at 10/24/13 04:52:45

    The main threat to animal welfare and to the planet is humans. As such humans should stop reproducing themselves. Unfortunately governments are promoting human reproduction in any possible way (benefits to families, aided fertilization of sterile people, health care for the unfit). The current economic system is sustainable as long as there are people paying for the benefits of others (pension, production surplus, unemployment, health system, etc) and for this reason governments will never take a stance into the only sensible solution to all human and world problems.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 11/08/13 08:06:36

    To "DC"-

    There is a third alternative to "neutering" and "slaughter". Humans use it all the time. It's called vasectomy and tubal ligation.

    In 1973, I found a vet who would perform a vasectomy for my boy Jacob, and as a result he enjoyed 14 years of sex while producing no puppies.

    For the original poster, may I suggest my 1997 book, "The Weaning of America" which can be found at Amazon, but cheaper through my Thinkin' Folks Books website.

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