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Just picked up two of Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson's books at the local library.

He's the author of some thirty books, mostly about animals and vegan philosophy, - the best known are "When Elephants Weep" and "Dogs Don't Lie About Love". His latest I believe, is "The Face On Your Plate".

Masson's books are a must for anyone serious about animal issues...I highly recommend them.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 12/18/15 03:41:17


    Masson's latest book is, "Beasts: What Animals Can Teach Us About the Origins of Good and Evil", 2014.

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    Posted by tokyobags at 12/29/15 12:28:46

    Thanks for the recommendation.

    I have always been a firm believer that humans and animals can truely live in harmony. We really hope that one day, humans can stop seeing animals as food and materials for goods.

    Thank you for sharing again.

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