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CONTACT CAFT Ireland spokesperson: Laura Broxson – 086 8729 444 –

"The recent release of mink from 'Rolf Anderson's Mink Farm' in Donegal
has resulted in a frenzied mass hysteria over the claimed 'dangers' of
mink on the loose. We want people to step out of this lunacy and
actually think logically about the situation" says spokesperson for CAFT
Ireland, Laura Broxson

"Whoever liberated these mink from their cages had good reason to do
so – fur farming is a barbarically cruel industry, and we fully support
what has happened. These animals would have been turned into coats, and
now they are free. If you were a mink, which life would you choose?"

"This fur farm, even compared to the others in the country, is of a
particularly sub-standard condition. By the farmers' own admission in
recent media interviews, they still illegally keep 5 mink per cage –
even though 1 mink per cage barely has enough room to turn around in. We
have reported this to the Dept. of Agriculture and are eagerly awaiting
their response on the matter."

"The claims that sheep, horses – and even children – are at risk of a
mink attack are just ludicrous. It is actually frightening how grown men
and women can believe such uneducated nonsense."

"Mink are part of the otter family – do people run in fear of otters
too? No. So why are mink portrayed as invincible, man-eating beasts? It's

"Unfortunately for mink, they seem to have also become the scapegoats
for the decline of certain native species in Ireland – even in areas
where there have never been fur farms. If there were no mink in the
country, perhaps officials would have to acknowledge that pollution,
destruction of habitats, hunting, and the over-use of pesticides are
actually to blame for species failing to flourish."

"What is also disturbing is peoples' eagerness to play 'God', by
deciding which species they feel should live, and which should be
killed – as shown by the Government's recent decision to sanction a mink
cull. Who says mink are less important, or more of a threat to other
animals, than any other species in the country? The U.K. has a wild mink
population of about 40,000 – and it's not an issue. Nature always
balances itself, it's humans who create problems."

"The most conveniently forgotten fact in all of this is that fur farms
should not exist in the first place. Animals are kept in horrendous
conditions, they are fed liquefied fish organs which they have to lick
through the bars of their cages, and when they are 6months old, they are
gassed to death – 50 at a time, which results in many being merely
unconscious, not dead, when they are skinned."

"As a society, we have long since moved on from our neanderthal,
knuckle-dragging ways – it's time the fur industry recognised that. They
are a blood stain on this country that needs to be removed immediately."

"The new programme for government has agreed to a phase-out ban on fur
farming, set for completion in 2012 – but this is too far away. They need to be shut down now."

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 10/04/10 00:16:11

    Nice post Stevie!

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    Posted by AndyT at 10/05/10 02:08:24

    Whatever gets those horrible institutions shut down!

    Best regarsd,

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    Posted by Chase Morgan at 03/12/11 08:18:06

    Im picturing some big burly guy running away from a wild mink.haha what a sight that would be.

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