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What's the deal with Lamyong and sustainable palm oil? I believe Lamyong uses palm oil or palm oil derivatives in some of its vegetarian and vegan products (sometimes labelled as palm oil or palm oil olein, and sometimes simply described as "vegetable oil"). But my understanding is that Lamyong does not use sustainably produced palm oil. I have seen a letter from Lamyong where the company states that its palm oil is "not sourced from Borneo and Sumatra (Indonesia)... [it]derive[s] from Malaysia." But it's not clear from this whether Malaysia Borneo is included. It is in Borneo (straddling both Malaysia and Indonesia) where orang-utan habitat is most threatened by palm oil plantations. And regardless of where it comes from, it should be sustainably produced. I have written to Lamyong asking (1) whether it uses sustainably produced palm oil and, (2) if not, would it consider changing over to sustainably produced palm oil. Some months later, I am still waiting for a reply. Why can't we have an assurance from Lamyong that when we consume Lamyong vegan and vegetarian products, we can be sure that the palm oil in them has not contributed to the ongoing destruction of orang-utan or any other habitat?

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    Posted by The Hammer at 06/30/14 23:34:08

    I feel your pain, a sincere question to big corp not being

    I also never use palm oil for environmental reasons (habitat destruction) and also palm oil is not tasty for cooking. Yuks!

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