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Real title: A job or study with the intention of helping animal, environment and climate change


Let me introduce myself. I'm a Belgian student, soon to graduate as a master in geology. I started my studies with the intention of understanding the earth and its processes. During my studies I have come to know myself and my interests better. I already followed a lot of courses about climate, past climate and ecology, even doing my thesis about an environmental reconstruction. I now know what I want to do with my life but I'm having a very hard time deciding what to do and finding the right persons to solve all my questions. I'm hoping that I can expand my vision by posting here, and I of course hope that someone can help me.

So what I would really want to do with my life. For starters, I am a veganist and I can't stand killing animals for the delight of pleasing your tastebuds for 10 seconds. The practices of the meat industry is wrong in my eyes and it would be better to eat less meat, not only for animal rights, but also for health reasons and for the environmental problems. Reducing meat and dairy intake would ideally play a very big role in my future job, either direct or indirect. Other than my big love for animals, I also love nature as a whole, and hate to see it destroyed by humans. My other big interests are nature, climate, environment and helping people (educating, making more conscious,..). I also love the palaeohistory and evolution of man, and the link between the past and the future. For example I like the fact man started eating meat because of necessity in the grasslands, but technology and knowledge now is more advanced so that eating meat is absolutely no requirement anymore. Saying this I also love (green) technology, problemsolving, inventing and aim to combine all my interests in one. Very important for my later job is enormous variation, a lot of travelling to distant countries and able to look at what I have accomplished.

Basically it comes down to this point: I want to change the world.. for as much possible by a single man.
I have some paths I am willing to take. (1) Either continue a study, for example get another masters degree about environment. (2) Try to start a phd. (3) Find a suitable job that honors my needs.

If I start (1), then my job problem remains after the study ends. But still it could be good to start another study, although I don't quite know which one to do. The closest I can get to environmental studies in my country is: bio-engineer: environmental technologies. But that specifies about creating clean air, water and soil, and not really what I want to do.
(2) would be possible, but the biggest problem is to find a promotor. Nowhere in my country can I find a person with interest in climate and environment concerning animals.
(3) Recently I have started looking for jobs and I have come to realize I detest industry. Maybe because I have only heard personal stories of people in oil and chemistry business, but I don't see myself working in an industry where money is top priority. Other than industry, I don't know much. There are ngo's but it seems to me they rarely offer jobs and mostly rely on volunteers.

Ideally I would be doing research about the consequences of meat and dairy on the environments or climate change, gathering evidence from all over the world, while educating people and saving animals and nature at the same time.

I still have some months but it really starts to urge. Thank you very much for reading!

(I pardon myself with possible errors and I realize I may have forgot some info, but you can always ask!)

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    Posted by Browndog at 07/03/13 08:21:36

    For me this is easy.

    Do you really want to help animals or do you want to be a 'lifestyle' pretender?

    There are endless people who will do essential work for very little money, there are others like Vets who atke years of practice. then there are people like you and me who can earn big money.

    Take a job in Oil or Gas and work offshore or in the middle east and earn a ton of money 1000 euros a day and upwards is easily had by a geologist working offshore.

    Keep enough to reasonably live on then use the rest to help animals and you will be doing vastly more than if you took a low paying job that anyone can do.

    last year a local shelter needed volunteers to help out with an annual repair, clean up and building a new shelter.

    Did I volunteer to help way! However I hired 4 cleaners and 2 Builders and sent them over there for a week. They did 30 person days at twice the work rate I could have done..cost? 2 days labour for a geologist working offshore.

    So do you want to help animals or do yo0u just want to feel good?

    Your choice but if you are committed to the movement then you go where you are most needed and if you are a good money earner then that is where you go.

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    Posted by StephenS at 08/07/14 12:33:15

    MFA is also seeking a Development Manager to work out of the Los Angeles area;

    Terms of Employment: Full-time, At Will, Exempt

    Reports to: Director of Development

    Position Location: Los Angeles, CA

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    To oversee planning and implementation of annual fundraising programs, including online and direct mail appeals, recurring gifts and peer-to-peer campaigns, and serve as a member of the development project team.

    Primary Responsibilities and Duties:

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    Manage other various revenue channels, including Combined Federal Campaign and vehicle donation program
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    Serve as member of the development project team to assist with donor relations, database development and maintenance, event planning, and other joint projects within the department
    Adhere to all human resource and administrative policies and procedures
    Perform any other duties assigned by the supervisor
    Position Requirements:

    College degree and a minimum of five years of previous experience working in a nonprofit fundraising role with strong background in appeal process management
    Minimum of one year of previous experience managing a recurring gifts program
    Experience managing constituent relations management databases preferred
    Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    Team-playing, collaborative attitude
    Ability to work effectively under pressure of constant deadlines; requires excellent organizational skills, time management efficiency, and careful attention to detail
    Ability to occasionally travel
    Personal commitment to the mission and values of the organization

    To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to Jake Morton at

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    Posted by StephenS at 08/07/14 12:30:20

    Mercy For Animals seeking Undercover Investigators

    Undercover investigations are vital to exposing and preventing farmed animal abuse. Nearly every piece of animal-friendly legislation, change in corporate animal welfare policy, or the most powerful change of all—the decision by countless people to adopt compassionate vegetarian diets—stems from the work of an undercover investigator.

    The job of an undercover investigator is certainly not for everyone. MFA investigators must make quick, but tough, decisions as to the best courses of action for the animals confined, neglected, tormented, or killed before them, while abiding by all laws, ensuring their personal safety, keeping their cover, and compiling the evidence necessary to hold animal abusers accountable.

    MFA's investigators serve as the eyes and ears of the public. They must be prepared to witness unimaginable abuses while maintaining their composure and cover to ensure that MFA can pursue charges against the abusers where the few laws protecting farmed animals apply. Where there are no such laws, MFA’s mission is to expose the glaring deficiencies in current law.

    Documenting cruelty and violence at factory farms and slaughter plants is not glamorous—it's heartbreaking, disgusting, and horrific. Despite the hardships and horrors, undercover investigations are the most vital tool the animal protection movement has at its disposal and undercover investigators are without a doubt the greatest unsung heroes of our times.

    If you think you have what it takes to become an MFA undercover investigator, please email your resume, cover letter and list of personal and professional references to Matt Rice, Director of Investigations.

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