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A couple days ago I was looking at some websites and I relized a lot of them have stories about what kind of acts of terrorism PETA has done. I've been posting many questions on FaceBook and some people reply: "I find that hard to believe" and "Wow, PETA makes Vegans and Vegetarians look bad!" -I whanted to know what you think-

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    Posted by shearwater at 02/22/10 21:06:02

    PETA has become synonymous with animal rights in many people's minds and have helped spread the message more effectively and probably converted more veggies than any other organization because they know how to get media attention. Advertising is expensive and the media is unwilling to talk seriously about these issues. So like Abbie Hoffman said "Don't buy ads, make news."

    And that's what PETA does using such [terrorist?] activities as billboards, TV and print ads, protests, and street theater. All of this is legal free speech. Unfortunately this opens them up to attack by supporters of animal abusive industries.

    I have followed PETA campaigns for years. I have yet to read, see, or hear of any illegal acts committed by PETA or any charges filed against them.

    What I do see happening, and this even happened to me, is because PETA is so well known people assume any animal rights activity is the work of PETA.

    While organizing a campaign against a circus coming to my town I and others were accused of being PETA employees shipped in from out of state. Never mind that my home was within walking distance of the circus tent and I have yet to receive any payment from PETA or anyone else (the circus has not been back by the way). We were also accused of conspiring with al Qaeda to destroy the American way of life.

    It's easy to find PETA critics who say they break the law. What's not so easy to find is any laws they've broken or charges filed against them, much less that reach the level of terrorism. In fact, they operate openly from offices in the US. If only al Qaeda terrorists were that easy to find.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 02/22/10 22:37:33

    Suggestion - spend a little more time looking for answers Noah & a little less time posting silly questions!

    This is not your most constructive posts ever!

    I have been supporting PETA since the beginning.

    Maybe take 15 minutes to read about Polly Strand before you again use words such as terrorists in connection with AR activists -

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    Posted by Cascadian at 02/22/10 23:20:50

    The "terrorists" are those who abuse, oppress, enslave, torture, rape and murder animals out of their own ignorance, sadism and greed. PETAs methods and actions should certainly be critiqued but they are far from being terrorists.

    As a related aside, we should never allow legislation to dictate our ethics or actions.

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    Posted by SarahGladdon at 06/04/10 08:31:41

    Terrorists, no. Free speech and all that.
    I'm not PETA's greatest fan anymore because they really degrade women in some of their campaigns.
    However, their documentary "Meet You Meat" is what turned me Vegetarian so I do owe them that great change in my life.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 06/05/10 05:16:10

    "they really degrade women in some of their campaigns"

    The women in their campaigns are all willing volunteers.

    I do not get the 'degrade' comment.

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    Posted by shearwater at 06/14/10 05:45:34

    What I find degrading is the way supposedly intelligent humans treat animals.

    But if you want to talk about degrading women - I live in the US, a country that failed to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, that pays women 76 cents for every dollar a man earns, and that has only 17% of seats in Congress held by women.

    Yet it is PETA that is attacked for degrading women? I applaud PETA volunteers (men and women) for finding ways to get these issues discussed on news programs, something not easy to do in today's highly competitive and very corporate media.

    I just got back from the beach. There were girls and women everywhere dressed as scantily as those women in PETA ads. Yet I didn't see one doing so for a worthwhile cause like preventing the cruelty of fur and circuses or ending world hunger or stopping the war. Makes you wonder what their purpose was...

    Billboards and other ads also had women wearing next to nothing trying to profit by selling some useless product. I turned on several news shows and not one of the female newscasters or weather "girls" I saw looked middle-aged or overweight - quite the opposite.

    PETA performing a few harmless stunts to get the media's attention is what's getting people talking about these issues and forcing changes while most groups are still lost in the shadows.

    Animals are being saved. The only ones being degraded by PETA campaigns are animal abusers.

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    Posted by CandyKisses at 09/27/10 22:22:52

    I do not think that are terrorists,they may sound tough but they are all out defending these sad little helpless animals that cannot call out for help.I could never work under cover under these conditions where animals are tortured before they are actually slaughtered for human consumption as peta does their work to save these animals,I could never wait patiently before taking them to court for a hearing where these known animal abusers may only get a slap on the hand & nothing more,they get their freedom along with more permissions to do the same in-humane damage to these sad little animals again & again.I went to a huge harvest festival where they had a few farm animals as well as elephant rides for kids,the poor elephant looked aged & well worn out beyond it's years/The eyes are the windows to their soul,when I looked into this poor animals eyes he looked so very sad.Like please help me! I do my very best to find out the real information on animals,their care,the money earned for these animals and how they appear to be treated,most circus animals especially elephants the trainers use bull horns to beat with the intent to harm them in order to train them.Just like the other person said "Trust your instincts" I do my foot work,like reading lots of information,watching people(actions) even their words;watching the animals in their care,most animals that are abused have tell tale signs,I look into their eyes if they look sad maybe they have an abusive master/trainer.There are so many ways to tell.I am still learning to talk with these trainers because I would actually like to do the same as they do to these animals.
    Thank you all for letting me share here. Peace...

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    Posted by Chase Morgan at 03/12/11 08:26:06

    Peta is not a terrorist organization but they are sadly the spokesperson for animal rights it seems. I fully support those who torch makeup factories and free animals in testing facilites.Are they terrorists? Only if your in the business of torturing and killing animals.

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