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Hello everyone,
I am new to the group, not a vegan but a raw milk dairy farmer. I have been a commercial dairy farm in the past, but have converted to a raw pasture based method of farming. We are the only dairy in the state of Texas that is animal welfare approved. We have a different method of farming. Our cows are on pasture, baby's are kept with there mother, we have a more traditional natural method. Our cows are an extended part of our family. I would love to answer any question you may have about commercial dairy's and what we do now. I belive we offer a very healthy, humane source of dairy products that may or may not work into your diet to provide Calcium, protein and and healthy fat.

Thank you,

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    Posted by Ryman at 03/24/10 10:42:40

    Most of us grow up believing that drinking milk is natural. But the only milk our bodies require is that of our mothers when we are babies. Beyond infancy, milk is not a necessary part of our diet. And especially not milk from another species!

    Many people are reluctant to give up milk because it has always been promoted as a wholesome, healthy drink, rich in calcium for strong bones. This is the milk myth and what those profiting from the sale of dairy products would like you to believe. Dairy products are
    not essential for optimum health. In fact, about 75 per cent of the world?s population is lactose intolerant ? unable to digest a type of sugar (lactose) found in milk. Cows? milk is designed to help young calves develop rapidly into stocky cattle. It is full of naturally-occuring growth-promoting hormones, which have been linked to cancer in humans. Milk also contains high levels of saturated fat and cholesterol, both major causes of heart disease, and it can be the root of allergies and other serious health problems, such as diabetes and irritable bowel syndrome. No need to worry about calcium Contrary to what people may think, eating dairy products can actually contribute to weak bones and osteoporosis. This is because foods rich in animal protein, including cows? milk, make the blood more acidic. The body tries to neutralise this by drawing calcium from the bones into the bloodstream, which is filtered through the kidneys and lost through urine.

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