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I have a degree in science and have a job interview next week at a company that creates artificial insemination products for cows. The product is described in this article:

I looked up some articles online about the Dairy industry and I have come to the conclusion that it is a form of cruelty.

However, at the store they sell organic milk from cows that are allowed to graze freely in fields in the healthy foods section so I think maybe not all dairy products are made in a cruel manner. Because some dairy claims to be humanely produced I am not sure if it is morally wrong to accept the job at the company, since the treatment of the cows is on the conscience of the farmers and I am not sure I am working directly with the animals myself. I already work at a grocery store at present where I have to handle dairy products so I am supporting the dairy industry even if I stay in my present job and turn down the scientific job.

I am kind of getting the feeling like I want to reject the job at the artificial insemination company but I feel like I am going to the interview since I want to get practice with the interviewing. I get a tour of the facility and maybe at the end of the interview I can ask how much of their product is used by the more humane dairy producers who let their cows graze freely in open fields.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 05/09/14 07:33:26

    Dairy products are not healthy foods. Cow's milk is not the same of human milk.

    Nature dictates that all mammals wean their young at an early age. Humans refuse to be weaned, and the cows suffer.

    The vast majority of dairy cows do not lead a pleasant life, and their calves certainly do not (veal crate). And virtually all cows end up at the slaughterhouse, which I don't consider a good experience.

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    Posted by AndyT at 06/18/14 20:23:28

    Joy, I am happy to see that you, as a non-vegetarian (judging from your profile) go to the extent to question whether this is a good practice or not.

    Of course, you need to make this decision yourself. Yes, there are places that "humanely" produce milk, and they are presumably better than "factory farms", where the well-being of the animals is no concern at all.

    However, please do take the time to read this article - I find it very interesting:

    I personally was consuming dairy products, but not meat, for some 20 years, because I was not happy with the idea that animals have to be killed for my food. When I informed myself more about the practices in the dairy industry, however, I also gave up dairy products.

    Those "artificial insemination products" only have one objective - they allow farmers to inseminate cows so that they have calves and produce milk. The calves are taken away from their mothers at a very young age, to be either used as dairy "production machines" themselves (females) or to be killed as "veal" (males).

    I personally would not work for such a company, but this is a decision that you yourself have to make, of course.

    Best regards,

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 06/20/14 05:37:22

    Besides the cruelty of the dairy industry in general, and the fact that virtually all cows end up at the slaughterhouse, we even deny them the pleasure of sex.

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    Posted by TofuMadness at 06/22/14 02:51:44

    I would also add that since "Organic" labels have also become big business, we cannot assume Organic products are produced using humane methods.

    "Free Range" is another term that does not equal humane.

    Anytime a business seeks to improve methods for creating more cows, as ahimsa said, there is only one outcome for the cow in the end.

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