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Hi everyone it's alyssa,Thank you for taking a sneek peak, i created a page to start running a Non-Profit Organization called "The Global Syndicate for Animal Welfare". it's seriously something i have the up most passion for and i want anyone who could show some support to help get involved or make a small donation to help contribute to bettering the animal rights movement, if you've ever wanted to do something and make a change, this is that time. thank you so much, everyone be safe. ill post the link below, if you have problems retrieving it, message me and i will send it to you. btw don't be shy and talk to me sometime :)


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    Posted by The Hammer at 07/24/14 00:23:33

    There are already tons of websites, petitions, etc. And there is already PETA so no need for another global group...

    Better to start a small grass roots group with some of your veg friends. Start writing to newspapers LTE, start a vegan meetup group and eat at your locaL vegan restaurant, that kind of thing is needed...
    and don't ask donations, just start and do something.

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