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Who is a vegetarian activist? I live in Missouri, the beef capital of the USA. The land used to be used for crop farming mostly for dairy cows and a lot of people picked the corn and ate it but all the small Grade A barns are old and abandoned and the land is just used for Beef cattle. I believe greed is mostly the reason. A field of beef cattle will bring a lot of money when sold. Right now there is a rush. The cattle prices are high and trucks are moving many loads each day. There are many sale barns scattered around the country. I personally have to smell cow and hog [censored] at any random time. The ecoli and bacteria in my house with the windows closed. My head hurting in my sinuses. I have to be careful not to let my food touch the counter top because of the ecoli and bacteria on everything. I have to spray the house down in the middle of the night. I wake up to the stinch of hog suffication or cow [censored]. It costs for extra bowls for the cats and my dog because of the ecoli and natural air freshener. I can not open the windows and I have to pay for the air conditioner to run until the temperature gets cold outside in the fall. Not from the road but from one hauler who will not park his truck at the stockyards and drive his car home several times a day or just wait a few minutes for the next load. Do you know any activists who want to stop or slow the slaughter of cattle and hogs? I would like to meet personally with one or more of them.

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    Posted by piotr111 at 09/05/14 05:55:40

    The easiest thing to do is to sign petitions. There are lots of them. You can find them at animapetitions, forcechange, petitionsite, change, causes and so on.

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    Posted by Peacemonger at 09/05/14 21:54:03

    May I suggest that you see what organizations are doing advocacy in this area. It is truly terrible that your quality of life has been so badly damaged by these operations.

    One group that I came across when I was doing some research is the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition. This is their page on suggested action that people can take:

    Please note that I haven't worked with them myself, so I'm not speaking from personal experience.

    I read a comment somewhere online that said that most people who are living in rural areas chose that life because they love being outdoors, and they want to take their children outdoors for play, sports, gardening, hiking, whatever. So it is extremely hard on families when they are confined to their own homes, with the windows shut tight, all year around. (And, of course, if property values have dropped, they may not be able to sell up and move away.)

    Good luck with finding some good coalitions to get involved with!

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    Posted by The Hammer at 01/26/14 19:53:07

    One of the most difficult things IMO experience is to hook up with other activists in your area.

    If you can't find someone, set an example and start alone. I've done it.

    One way of activism requiring a minimum of time with a maximum of results and is usually done by one person, are writing letters to newspapers, you know, most newspapers have little sections for readers to publish their comments.
    One letter can reach a lot of people.

    Also you can start with a simple yet up to date and informative blog.

    Last but not least, if you can't find nobody don't let that be an excuse to not do something.

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    Posted by Happy wild horse at 02/01/14 22:25:18

    I am sort of a online activist. I have started a e petition and I think e petitions are easy to make,WWW.change. org is a good one for making your own petition. I hope that my advice is helpful.

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    Posted by StephenS at 07/13/14 13:37:04

    I agree that it can be tough to meet other activists if you are in a non urban or "mainstream" community. But the best way - is to just get active yourself. Every state has at least one or two good activist groups, at least in the major cities. And of course - you can always get things started yourself. It's Okay to be that lone activist out there with a sign, petition, or info sheet. And you'll be surprised at the amount of folks that may be willing to help, support or get involved.
    When I was in my twenties, My GF and I used to host "Veggie Burger Tastings". Sliding Scale Couple Bucks donation got you all you could taste of the various veggie burgers available in a fun picnic barbecue setting. A few times we even had local musicians show up and the tastings turned into impromptu mini festivals. We never made money, but we often covered costs, not to mention we met all kinds of folks whom we were later active with in various actions around "Food Not Bombs", "Earth First", and Anti Nuclear and Land Issues.
    Also - here's a quick wiki list of Organisations that may help get you started or inspired;

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