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I love all animals

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    Posted by Guadalupe90 at 07/19/14 21:02:32

    it is true that animal more about faithful of human .............

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    Posted by Douglas-Bruns24 at 07/20/14 01:03:25

    animals are so cute i love them so much.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 07/20/14 04:48:45


    The quote in my initial post is from the second of my books currently in print.

    Those books are:

    "The Weaning of America: The Case Against Dairy Products", by Don Lutz, InnerPeace Books, 1997

    "Natural Reflections: Thoughts on Nature, Animals & Non-Violence", under the pen name "Dyoniz L", InnerPeace, 2004

    "The First ISM: Seeking the Origins of Racism, Sexism & Terrorism", Don Lutz, InnerPeace, 2005

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 01/09/14 08:35:34

    "No matter what religion you profess, if you knowingly contribute to the suffering of others, if you cannot say with sincerity 'I love all beings', your religion has failed you."
    -from one of my books

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    Posted by The Hammer at 01/13/14 19:45:10

    well said. if you contribute to extreme cruelty to other living beings and defend it, your religion/spirituality or however you want to call it, fails you.
    Nowadays anybody has access to youtube and with a few clicks anyone can educate himself about meat and eggs and milk, and the cruelty behind it.
    No way anyone can belittle that and say that a person can eat meat and become enlightened at the same time.

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    Posted by Happy wild horse at 03/29/14 22:38:27

    Animals should have as much happyness as we want

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    Posted by StephenS at 03/30/14 23:27:38

    I don't love the political animals ;)
    But I won't eat em either - unless they're vegetarian ;)

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/31/14 06:25:47

    Your comment may require some explanation...

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    Posted by Happy wild horse at 04/03/14 10:52:24

    StephenS your comment is very funny.

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    Posted by savetheanimals at 04/03/14 12:31:14

    If you were not sure if Happy horse was a troll before just read everything she writes.She is standing up for animal exploitation on a form that the majority of contributors are vegans just to get a laugh as demonstrated by her:

    "We have no factory farms were I live so no need to be vegan."
    "Milking a cow can't kill a cow and most cows were I live are happy so I see no harm in drinking a little milk now and again and anyway this site is a vegetarian and vegan site so you are out of order trying to make me vegan!"

    She posted the above comments in her Jesus was a vegetarian thread. We have an obligation to try to turn nonvegans into vegans. This site is for finding vegan and vegan friendly establishments. I think you will find the form is ruled by vegans. We will not stop talking to you when you make comments that justify animal exploitation. Their is no justification for animal exploitation and we will debunk any arguments you have trying to prove otherwise. Ahimsa and Hammer did wonderful jobs explaining to you the pain that cows go through to for you to get their rape product (milk). You should go back to your previous thread and respond to them. When you respond to them please prove your not a troll by giving them a response that doesn't ignore all the facts everyone has told you or sound like: "If you do not have any good to say about this post I don't see why you are on this forum." or "go away all u bad people and get a life"

    I feel like Happy horse owes Ahimsa, Hammer and the happy cow community a response to Ahimsa and Hammer's posts. You will not respond to their post so, when I saw you posted here I responded here. I thought you might have a better chance of seeing this. I know your a troll and I feel that how you respond to Ahimsa's and Hammer's post would demonstrate that. If your not a troll I am sorry and I think that how you respond to their post would also prove that if that is the case. I don't think StephenS is a troll but, the comment he made here does require an explanation. I have seen post that he made that make me think that he just said something stupid here. I think that he might have an explanation that is reasonable.

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    Posted by Happy wild horse at 04/05/14 03:45:45

    I am not a troll just a 13 year old girl that wants to meet like minded Christian vegetarians/vegans,but I have not found any I am not into animal cruelty and that is a silly comment that you made, and the comment "go away all you bad people" was not to do with animals but to do with people not respecting my religion and what I believe.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 04/05/14 06:38:51

    I'm an atheist, so I guess you wouldn't want to meet a vegan like me, though I've been fighting for animals for quite a few years. My experience is that the vast majority of Christians are very much against vegan philosophy and concern for non-human animals...

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    Posted by Happy wild horse at 04/05/14 12:02:34

    Well it is not good to be taring all Christians with the same stick and being rude about someone's religion and picking on vegetarians when we all have to stick together as animal lovers!

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    Posted by savetheanimals at 04/06/14 03:55:20

    The more post you make the more certain I am that you're a troll. In your response to ahimsa and hammer you proved me right by both ignoring the facts and trying to be a dictator again.

    Vegetarians still drink and eat rape (dairy products). You have even made some comments that show that you support animal cruelty:

    "Milking a cow can't kill a cow and most cows were I live are happy so I see no harm in drinking a little milk now and again and anyway this site is a vegetarian and vegan site so you are out of order trying to make me vegan!"


    "We have no factory farms were I live so no need to be vegan."

    You still didn't give a proper response to ashima and hammer's response to the first comment I have listed above. I thought they gave really great responses. Cows are raped normally with metal poles with bull sperm on the end. Sometimes farmers use their hands. Read ashima and hammer's response. They talk about what happens to baby calves that are born. The reason the baby calves are born is because in order to make milk a cow has to have had a baby just like all other mammals.

    Now on to the second animal abuse comment you made that I have listed. I guarantee that you have a factory farm near you. I also guarantee you have a slaughterhouse near you. The animal agriculture business just doesn't want you to know about them. The suffering that the animals go through is unimaginable to us because we don't have to deal with it in our daily lives. The animals have to live with it every day of their lives. It doesn't matter if the animals tortured or murdered came from a factory farm. We shouldn't be trying to promote "humane meat and humane other animal products" We need to be promoting veganism. The farm animals all end up murdered in slaughterhouses with the "humane meat". The animals don't think there's anything humane about being murdered. There is no such thing as humane murder. There is no such thing as any humane animal product.

    It is important for animal lovers to stick together. They should also educate each other about the harm animals are receiving. If an animal lover knows another animal lover is abusing animals normally they should call 911. Unforchantly we can't get the government mafia to stop you from supporting the abuse of farm animals. The best thing we can do is educate you about the abuse that is happening. The best thing that you can do to help animals is by going vegan. Animal lovers don't eat animal products. If your an animal lover prove it by going vegan. I recommend watching Gary Yourofsky's speech to help you go vegan:

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    Posted by Happy wild horse at 04/06/14 16:26:36

    Do you think that a animal hater would be posting a forum called I love all animals????????????

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    Posted by DunkiesandDimeys at 06/18/14 13:31:39

    @ahimsa That's a great quote. What book is it from?

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 06/20/14 05:47:05

    @Happy horse-

    If you read more slowly, you'll see that I said, "the vast majority of Christians", not all.

    Why is posting one's opinion "rude"?

    I have a question. At thirteen, do you consider your education complete? You're way ahead of where I was at thirteen, but even I, at 71, am still learning every day.

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    Posted by TofuMadness at 06/22/14 01:43:52

    Happy horse - I wonder if you would like to clarify your comment: "Animals should have as much happyness as we want". Did you mean, as much happiness as THEY want?

    Sometimes these discussions can become heated because many of us are very passionate about certain issues, especially those as important as animal rights.

    Becoming a vegetarian is a step in the right direction, but any animal that is forced (often brutally) to produce anything for humans (fur, meat, milk, eggs etc.) is being treated inhumanely. Veganism is the only way to be completely free of contributing to animal cruelty.

    There are still many in our society who see animals as having a duty to serve the needs of man or the right of man to take what they need from animals, much of which stems from religious teachings. These beliefs and their evolution are completely responsible for the reason animals have so few rights today.

    If we truly love animals, we cannot think of any treatment that is forced upon animals today as a necessary practice that is justified by our own needs, but only as inhumane when we know that they can suffer pain, abandonment, lonelyness, grief, stress, fear and love. They are in truth, victims of human greed and ego. If we truly love animals, we cannot use any product or participate in any practice that causes the pain and suffering of any animal.

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    Posted by Jackninja5 at 06/27/14 23:40:12

    Including spiders? I love all animals too and when my sister forces me to kill spiders, I feel very guilty for doing so! I mean they are innocent!

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    Posted by Guadalupe90 at 06/28/14 01:29:54

    I want to knew about wild animals . i need a best book on wild animals . Anyone one help me .

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    Posted by Douglas-Bruns24 at 06/28/14 03:26:17

    Every animal like children . if you handle them softly , then the animal will be so kind to you. so every one should love animal.

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