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"We live on a planet inhabited by millions of species, one of which, under the illusion of superiority, denies all others even a basic right to life. This mindset justifies the indiscriminate killing, in horrible ways, of our neighbors and the tune of millions daily."

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    Posted by anahidscv at 02/16/16 12:17:39

    Hello ahimsa, its a matter of powers to be stepping in and putting a stop to it. So many of us speak and practice against it, it has improved, but hasn't stopped at all. You can educate people to take action by changing their diet, not using fur or leather, not going to parks that use animals for entertainment and not eating meat or dairy to stop the slaughter. But what I have come across is that, people are uncaring, heartless, despite the knowing the facts, they don't care or argue that animals were put on this earth to be used by humans. I think this part is called, "ignorance". I think with the world experiencing water shortages, it is a good chance for the Vegan community to bring about the use of water used by agriculture industry when raising animals for consumption. That is what can save the eating of animals. I believe lab grown meat is in the works since raising animals for food is not sustainable anymore. That might take years, but it may happen one day. Also, I feel that there is hope since more and more companies are refusing to test on animals and so many cruelty free products are out there on the shelves. Baby steps is what's taking place. You being vegan, you must feel that it has taken forever. I feel the same, even though I have only been vegan for four years now.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/17/16 05:27:54

    "Animals' Rights" by Henry Salt was published in 1898.

    "Small steps"? Progress has not only been slow, it's arguably not happening in any substantial, comprehensive way.

    While people's diets have changed in a positive way since I became a veggie in '75, how many think about what happens to animals in labs, in war, in path of "progress" (clear-cutting forests, poisoning the environment with thousands of chemicals.

    The biggest and most powerful industries on the planet profit from cruelty to animals, and they exert amazing control of the media and what's taught in schools. That's a rather large part of the problem.

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    Posted by anahidscv at 02/18/16 09:10:14

    I agree ahimsa. We need our government leaders to step in, pass laws to protect the animals. Signing petitions, rallying is great, and it helps, but we need the help of our leaders, our government to make the difference in a bigger scale.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/19/16 04:25:12

    Boycotting may be the best means. Corporations simply ignore petitions and most demonstrations.

    And those corporations have virtually complete control of the government and the media.

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    Posted by sophie045 at 02/19/16 17:45:12

    We should all use our voices to inspire compassion, instead of using it to condemn others. Although the majority of humans believe that we are superior to other animals, we are all born onto this planet as equals - all deserving of life and freedom.
    What we do to animals is so wrong and one day we will look back and be ashamed of how blind we chose to be

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/20/16 04:36:22

    I hope your opening sentence doesn't mean that we shouldn't criticize those who promote and profit from cruelty to animals. If not for investigative journalists and public criticism of non-human animal experimentation and factory farming we wouldn't even know about their horrific practices.

    "Until we see what we are, we cannot take steps to become what we should be."
    -Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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