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I turned on the news which I never usually do. And I came across people absolutly furious about their beef burgers being "contaminated" with horse meat.

I rang up my mum to ask what she thought of it (she eats meat) and she said it was disgusting, the same person who when I said she cared more about some animals than others, waived my accusation away. So does that mean she does not think that beef does not come from cow?

I turned vegan about a year a go, and was vegetarian a few years before that. But even before all that, I knew that life was life and I can't see how people can't, or choose to block it out.

"Horse meat scandal"? ever heard of the meat scandal?

Anyone care to comment with ideas on how to open the eyes of people such as my mother? Or just share similar experiences? Melanie Joy calls it Carnism, but I can't figure out how to convice others from her video.

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    Posted by Martial.Epicurus at 02/10/13 14:59:51

    I have the SAME discussion every time I watch a cooking show with my girlfriend. It not only applies for different animals but even different body parts of the SAME animal. Fry up a wing, leg, breast, or thigh and put it in a KFC-labeled box and most meat eaters don't bat an eye. Throw in some gizzards, hearts, feet, and beaks and you've "contaminated" their meal.

    It's strange to me that people can't see the obvious connection but I think they do the mental gymnastics needed to justify their habits.

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    Posted by Babbo at 03/18/13 02:53:17

    I cant see personlly why people are so upset that they have eaten a horse, if they eat meat they eat meat! Yes many horse lovers are sad they have eaten one! But as you have said who really knows what goes in to them burgers and sausages!!

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    Posted by AndyT at 03/21/13 02:37:02


    About as ridiculous as the German "activists" (99% of which are omnis, btw) that try to get people to sign petitions that the German government, chancellor, whoever, should strongly condemn Korea and send a protest note about their horrendous killing and eating of cute doggies.

    I always reply to those, when I see them on facebook or somewhere else, what they would think if the Korean president strongly condemned Germany for eating pork, beef and so on.

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