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To bee or not to be – about wild bees

Are you concerned about the reasons for general and for the death and extinction of wild bees and flying insects and would like to know to help somehow to do something about it? I would like to stimulate thinking on policy actions, but also himself built or sowing flower habitats and bring out nesting boxes. Did you know that the bumblebee is a wild bee? Or that almost all wild bees are loner with high expectations to their habitat? Among other things, therefore, are more than half of about 560 species of wild bees in Germany on the Red List. Nearly 40 species are already extinct and another 100 species are threatened with extinction or classified as endangered. Main reason for the decline is the loss of habitat. There is a lack of nesting places and food. The ecological and economic importance of bees in total is evidenced by the following figures: In a recent study, the value of insect pollination alone for agriculture is estimated at an annual 153 billion euros worldwide. In Europe, the annual value of pollination is more than 14 billion euros. Not to quantify the value of the pollination of many wild plants. But what is also of the insectivorous birds? Will they starve soon? And the amphibians too? Other causes are the modern farming with environmental toxins (pesticides and insecticides), destruction of habitat by agriculture and global warming. Even invasive ant species are talking. And some time ago it was discussed if the electromagnetic waves from mobile phone towers could be a problem for bees too- I have read an article in connection about animal behaviour for earthquakes which shows that electromagnetic waves influence the orientation from bees and destroy them by loosing their sense for orientation and some other scientists still believe until today that the bee dying is also caused from the electromagnetic waves. But in the most cases you will get the information that there is no problem. In Germany now there is a new research result from scientists which is saying that the electromagnetic waves from the mobile phones are really the main reason for bee dying! Further on some scientist try now to develop new biopesticedes which helps against bee dying. In Germany there is the first discussion to forbid pesticides in nature reserves.
The latest news about wild bees from the scientist is, that if we do not all act immediately all wild bees are dead already in only ten years- and in twenty years all honey bees too- and than 30% of our food is not any longer available too. Therefore please help to make this knowledge well known to everybody and to help in your own garden or balcony the wild bees- more here:

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 12/29/16 12:37:14

    Hard to believe you didn't mention the role of Monsanto, DuPont and the other manufacturers of pesticides in the disappearance of bees (and countless other animals). The answer is not better chemicals, but NO chemicals...

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