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Hello. I am new to this so please do let me know if this is not appropriate. I have a petition for anyone who can sign and share

There has been a lot of rumours and guess work as to where Prince Harry and Meghan are going to be honeymooning.
The small beautiful island of Nevis in the West Indies is paradise for a lot of people but absolute hell for Dogs, cats, Donkeys and Monkeys. This is the island pegged for Harry and Meghans honeymoon, I doubt anyone would want to buy into this economy if they knew the true horrors behind peoples dogs getting poisoned in their own fenced yards. Its sad but the positive outline is that the that government has responded positively to petition in the past.

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    Posted by h_o_rng at 02/07/18 17:36:57

    Well we can make it so, I am doing quite well on that end. Have been for more than a year.

    As I repeatedly stated: "If you want to take down God, you gotta do better than God".
    God inferring an idea of God that was mistreating various beings severely, i.e. a depiction.

    It garners a lot of resources; where there is suffering there is opportunity. Where there is memories of something better the same. Where there is gratefulness the good things keep coming etc. - eventually even if messing up initially.

    A suffering is an energy in need of being channeled; its quite "godly" to work with but literally you can learn to channel fear, suffering, joy, happiness and all that. Its quite interesting. Just gotta be wary not channeling a bit too selectively; like helping someone however only helping with just specific parts in a manner overall working against the energy itself or neglecting some parts to a point of those thought taken care of while actually severely mistreated.

    For example individuals held in psychiatric facilities. We have plenty of work we can do locally and where we are unable to when can do elsewhere; it'll reflect either way. So thanks for service!

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 03/11/18 06:26:09

    Do you really think any current Western first world leader isn't a piece of crap, ethically speaking, in terms of capitalist exploitation of all kinds, including animal exploitation?

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