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Just when you thought that you crossed everything off your list in your quest to be the squeaky greenest person possible, here's a new lifestyle change you may not have thought about before.

Ditch your cats because they are responsible for the downfall of Mother Nature -- at least that's what one deeply opinionated person recently informed me.

Please take a look at the article link above and feel free to offer your feedback!

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    Posted by shearwater at 09/01/09 16:30:45

    Just like human overpopulation, pet overpopulation is also stressing our planet's resources. So spay and neuter. If you want a pet save a life by adopting from a shelter.

    Dogs and cats are often able to be converted to a veggie diet so their impact on the Earth will be less. Cats are a little more finicky however and also require additional nutritional supplements. But overall veggie dogs and cats enjoy the same health benefits as veggie humans.

    Most importantly though is to keep your cats indoors or on a leash. Not only are indoor cats healthier and safer but this saves wildlife too. All cats kill birds, small mammals, reptiles and any other wild species they encounter. Studies find that cats kill hundreds of millions of birds in the US every year.

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    Posted by Steffi Giraffe at 09/02/09 12:39:30

    Some people say it's cruel to have an indoor cat, but after hearing of so many being run over, killed by other animals, trapped in derelict buildings and tortured by yobs, if I had a cat I would not let it out of my sight!

    I can see why people like cats but have never been a cat person. There are so many needing homes though, thanks to backyard breeders and our society's mindset that everything is disposable.

    No cat would want to live in my house with my dog around though! It's a danger zone for moggies!

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    Posted by Koi at 09/23/09 01:50:37

    As shearwater says, if you keep your cat indoors and feed it a vegan diet, their impact on the environment is very small.

    My cat is 8 years old, lives on tap water and Amicat (Italian vegan cat food), and is very active & healthy. She only kills the occasional house spider or fly. Cats that are allowed to roam free most definitely kill a lot of wildlife. In neighbourhoods with a lot of cats, the impact can be huge. If you give your cat enough attention, and play with her regularly, she will lead a happy life. You can also sometimes take her along on visits, if your friends don't mind. Some cats love the change of environment (some might fear it though, each cat is different).

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