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I'm running for Peta2's cutest vegetarian and I need every vote I can to stay in the top 5 ! Your vote would mean A LOTT. I love animals more than anything, and if I win thanks to a LOT of votes, I can star in my own Peta2 ad so I'll be able to let everyone around the world know that I'm vegan and proud. Please vote for me. I may be only 16, but I want everyone in the world to know my motives.

For every vote I get, I am going to go up to two random people and hand out flyers on how many animals are slaughtered a year, a day, a second, how milk is filled with pus, how KFC and McDonald's scolds their animls alive and etc.

If you just go to this link below, you just put your name, email, and a real or fake phone number. Tell me if you have. I'd LOVE to return the favor in any way possible.

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