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Wow! I have never seen such cruelty to geese, ducks as much as last night when I typed in Foie Gras on youtube.


Who are these people that slaughter these poor helpless animals; do they not have morals? How do these workers go home and live a "normal" life?

Comments on this?

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    Posted by Tatiana at 04/29/08 09:20:32

    Yes, foie gras is one of the most disgusting things people do to animals for food imo. I mean, you force feed them and give them fatty liver (which is a disease in people, cmon now) to make them tastier. I have never eaten foie gras, I found out how it was made when I was a pretty young kid and refused to eat it. Good news is foie gras has been banned in many places and is being phased out in others. We must continue to spread the word on foie gras to help put a complete stop to it's use!

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    Posted by darky_ at 06/08/08 09:53:06

    Well theres such thing as people that really hate animals, so maybe they go home happy they got to abuse some animals. Sad pathetic people.What did them animals ever do to them? :\

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    Posted by treehugger at 06/10/08 06:51:20

    Foie gras is disgusting. There were many campaings a while back asking people to sign petitions and contact local MP's. Foie gras is banned from being produced in the UK, but many shops and restaurants continue to legally import and sell it. A TOTAL ban is what we are aimimg for.

    *rushes off to google*

    *rushes back*

    Found this link

    I'm not sure where the rest of the world stands on this though.

    Time to lobby governments, sign petitions and get YOUR VOICE HEARD.

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    Posted by KellyVeganGirl at 06/18/08 18:54:44

    Foie Gras like all factory farming is horrific. All these a**holes that torture animals should be tortured and see how they like it! This world is crap sadly.

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    Posted by HM at 08/07/08 01:49:25

    A little late on finding this post... here's some info on the two Foie Gras farms in the U.S.

    Hudson Valley Foie Gras
    80 Brooks Road
    Ferndale, NY 12734
    Phone: 845-292-2500
    Fax: 845-292-3009

    Sonoma Foie Gras
    PO Box 199
    Sonoma, CA 95476
    (707) 938-1229

    Feel free to drop them a line or give them a ring:)

    Do it with your friends.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 08/07/08 09:28:00

    Ooh, thanks for the info, prompted some research on my part:

    The Sonoma site

    Read how they try to make the process sound all natural and great...makes me sick.
    From their site:
    "Sonoma Foie Gras is committed to the highest standards of animal welfare, and utilizes humane techniques in the raising and feeding of ducks."
    Yes, I'm so sure...
    "During the final two weeks, they are housed in temperature-controlled barns, where they are kept in groups of about 12 ducks per pen measuring about 33 square feet. They are fed twice per day by the same feeder, using a pre-measured quantity of feed."
    The wording here, trying to make it sound less horrible..what happens at the end of the two weeks, the ducks hand over their livers and say "here ya go guys, thanks for the excellent treatment, see ya later"?..sorry, but we know the truth!

    The other company also has a site, maybe I'll visit the lies later:

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    Posted by HM at 08/07/08 17:27:09

    one of my friends did undercover employee work at Sanoma farms. There is nothing humane about what is done there.

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    Posted by vaunderbroad at 08/09/08 09:01:34

    yeah, totally nasty, about a decade ago a vegan friend of mine found vegan mock "goose liver pate" I laughed at the irony, it was yummy, I just couldn't see the point, why not just call it vegan cracker spread, I've never seen vegan "veal" I sometimes wonder if that vegan pate company is still in biz, I have to Google it.

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    Posted by HM at 08/10/08 22:23:21

    I can kinda understand people seeking out vegan burgers and vegan hot dogs and vegan steak... because a lot of vegans, before going vegan, actually enjoyed the taste of meat. I never was a fan... probably because I was pretty little when horrified with the fact that my grandma's meat loaf was the muscle of a cow. We had a PET cow!
    Anyways... But to seek out something like vegan veal or vegan foie gras? I do know someone in Philadelphia who has expressed the idea that it be made. I never did get it.
    My curiosity runs to finding out who taste tested it.
    Thank yu vaunderbroad. Interesting, as I didn't know about the vegan pate.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 09/21/08 21:08:17

    Big success in Hungary -

    Hungerit -

    Four Paws Foundation -

    The article -

    Animal protection council protects goose liver producers from protests
    By: MTI

    2008-09-11 08:22

    Hungary's Animal Protection Council (ATT) has slammed an animal rights group for triggering hundreds of job losses after leading a successful campaign against a company producing force-fed poultry, according to a statement ATT sent to MTI on Wednesday.

    Hungerit, which produced fattened geese and ducks in Szentes (E), was closed down on September 1, having to lay off its nearly 200 employees, after coming under pressure from the campaign organised by the Four Paws Foundation.

    Hungarian foie-gras - the liver of a fattened goose - is a sought-after delicacy around the world and is exported to France where connoisseurs prize its quality.

    Attila Berey, ATT's head, said in a statement that the group's campaign has jeopardised tens of thousands of producers in a traditional industry.

    ATT "agrees with exercising control over the conditions of force feeding animals," said Berey. He said animal rights groups should report violators of force feeding rules to the authorities rather than attacking a whole branch of agriculture.

    Force feeding fowls with the right technology and "in a gentle way" poses "no more risk to the birds than any other farming practices," Berey noted. The official added that force feeding geese or ducks was not a criminal activity under Hungary's animal torture act.

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    Posted by kindlizard at 09/28/15 22:27:49

    All the PCCs in this area (Seattle and eastside) sell it. If cafes are removed for doing so, ought we remove "HF" stores too?

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