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Among my favorite authors addressing veganism, animal rights, and related issues are:

Peter Singer
Jim Mason
Jeffrey Masson
Charles Patterson
Linda Hogan
Theodore Roszak
Susan Griffin
Ursula LeGuin
John Robbins
Carol J. Adams
Morris Berman
Yi Fu-Tuan
Ray Greek
Steven Best
Alice Walker
Riane Eisler
David Pimentel
Jeremy Rifkin
Arundhati Roy
Jerry Mander
Neal Barnard
David Eller
Richard Leakey
Victoria Moran
Colin Spencer
Keith Thomas

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    Posted by TofuMadness at 06/22/14 20:17:38

    Diet for a Small Planet, Frances Moore Lappe

    I first read this book in 1977 while expecting my first child. Way back then, the author was introducing readers to vegan concepts, organic food, global food shortage issues while also enlightening us to issues related to the mass production of meat.

    Her book also greatly influenced how I fed my children for 27 years, although my son still talks about trying to trade his garbanzo bean sandwiches in the third grade for someone else's lunch - but could never get any takers...the little stinker! As an adult, he is a committed Vegan and I know this book helped plant that seed.

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    Posted by AndyT at 06/24/14 02:33:25

    That is a very long list :-)

    I am surprised to find Ursula Le Guin there, because the only thing I found by her when googling for "vegan/vegetarian" in conjunction with her name was this "satirical" piece that basically states that vegans and vegetarians torture and kill plants and we do not know anything about them ... classic carnist apologism :-(

    Or are you a fan of her other (fantasy) books? As a writer on the topic of veganism / vegetarianism she does not convince me... (neither does Mr. "It's ok to have non-vegan food when it is too difficult" Peter Singer, btw), but maybe you have other discussions where her position was more in favour of veganism or vegetarianism.

    Best regards,

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 06/24/14 08:56:58

    She hints at veganism in some of her fiction, and I believe I remember her addressing cruelty to non-human animals in a panel discussion on PBS years ago.

    Regarding Peter Singer's comment, many people (especially in war zones) are fortunate to find any food and must do with what's available.

    Not all the authors on my list are vegans, but contribute much to the discussion regardless.

    I've been "vegan" for almost thirty years, but I can't claim perfection. Does that negate my books and comments?

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 06/24/14 09:00:24

    My above list could be much longer...not easy to choose among hundreds of authors.

    One I really should have included though is Jonathan Balcombe.

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