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Hello everyone! I wanted to share something that I wrote with you all, but I don't know if it is appropriate to just paste the whole thing here, so I just pasted an excerpt from it. It has to do with the value that we as humans place on human life versus animal life. In my opinion, human life is more valuable, and that is because I believe that humans were made by God in the image of God. But to take that and then automatically reduce the value of animal life as drastically as we do today is insane! I believe God created all life and everything else and if the Bible has any truth to it then the first people were vegan! Or at the very least that story was a metaphor that describes God's will for us - which included not eating animals!

I hold all life in high regard and while it wasn't the reason I became vegan, it is one of the major reasons why I remain one. I learned most of what I know about the "factory farming" industry after I became a vegan, and thankfully I did learn what I know now because every time I think it would just be easier to go back to my old way of eating, I am reminded of the whole process of how those meat products got onto that supermarket shelf, and it disgusts me to the point that I couldn't keep down the food if I did eat it.

But anyway, please read this excerpt and then copy and paste the link below it to read the whole thing. Then, please let me know what you think or if you think I should make any revisions to it! I want to use this as a way to open people's eyes to the reality that animals are literally tortured for no good reason. Without further ado...

Here it is:

"She was tortured..."

This was her first pregnancy. The baby was due to be born in just one more week, but she could feel that it would probably be born before that week was up. She had never known the joys of motherhood before but she wasn't worried because that came naturally to her kind. She jumped a bit as she heard someone yell from outside. Probably just the farmer again.

Things around the farm had been intense lately. Mr. Johnson, the farmer, seemed frustrated frequently and all of the animals were in a state of heightened agitation. Mr. Johnson was an odd man, she thought. He didn't seem like the type to be a farmer, but appearances can be deceiving, she supposed. He was about 45 years old, tall and handsome for a man, if one was into that sort of thing, and seemed far more regal than the other farmers that she had seen. The calming breeze, the gray clouds floating ever so fluidly by and the smell that sung of rain didn't do much to set anyone at ease. Not at this farm, at least. Not even Mr. Johnson.

It was amidst this agitation that she tried to begin her afternoon meal. She stood there staring at her food, unable to eat, as the moments ticked by. As the wind picked up outside and blew through the door with an eery whistle she began to realize why her food didn't look appetizing at all. Her heart began to race uncontrollably. Her body tensed as her stomach began to cramp, causing her more pain than she'd ever felt before.

Her baby was coming.

----Please copy the URL below into your URL bar above to read the whole story!!----!She-was-tortured/c1u9t/573c6e330cf25680fa5787ae

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 05/20/16 05:26:23

    First of all, humans are animals, so respecting "animal life" includes humans by definition.

    This is critical as it's the illusion of human separation from and superior to the other animals that is at the root of most all our problems.

    I've always loved the Golden Rule...found in all religions but also in the philosophy of many non-religious folks. It's the concept of superiority that almost always leads to the abandonment of the Golden Rule...

    While I recognize that many religious people care about non-human animals, I can't ignore the fact that the Old Testament condones racism, slavery, genocide, sexism, capital punishment and even torture. I look to logic, compassion and common sense to make my ethical decisions, not necessarily any scripture.

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    Posted by moshnotposh at 04/18/17 16:03:34

    Talking God theme is difficult not to argue, just because of different belief... But anyways, not a human created fox or cow, so if you didn't give a life you cannot take it away. I believe that all creatures are equal against the God, whichever you believe in. :)

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