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Hello all,

I'm new to the Happy Cow forums but a long time advocate of cruelty free living and the plant based diet. Although I have progressed from strict vegetarian to completely vegan for over half my life, I have rarely had major issues with my family in regards to my life choices. I've been fortunate that they support my decisions, although they do all still consume animal products regularly.

I posted a picture today on Instagram - it was a photo of a slaughterhouse worker with the caption, "You're an animal lover? That must be why you pay someone else to do the dirty work" - alluding to the fact that I believe many meat eaters (including myself, pre-vegan) are disconnected to the suffering that animals face in slaughterhouses. I believe many meat eaters would probably not be willing to slaughter their own food or witness what actually happens to the animals before it reaches their plate. Although in retrospect I do think the photo was a very extreme representation of this belief, right after I posted it, a very close family member became very angry and defensive with me, stating that the photo offended her deeply and that she felt that I was alienating myself from those who care about me by expressing these views on social media. I can definitely see where she's coming from, but my beliefs about slaughter remain the same.

I felt bad for what I posted and the fact that it upset her. I want to be as active in animal welfare as possible, and although I agree that the photo I posted today was probably a little overboard, I'm not really sure how to go about dealing with differences in opinion with people I'm close with. It's hard to be open minded to any meat eating when I am this invested in animal welfare.

Long post, I'm sorry. But can anyone shed some light? Did I really screw up?

Thanks so much.

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    Posted by colgwilliams at 01/20/15 04:24:51

    If it's important to you (I presume the slaughter of innocent animals is) and there is a chance that you may have made someone else think about the horrors of animal suffering, and which may one day conclude with a new vegetarian and less animals slaughtered then it's worth the odd bit of flak isn't it?

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 01/21/15 07:23:36

    I totally agree and applaud what poledanceartist did. I wrote an essay about this issue that won a writing contest many years ago, "Thinking About Food".

    People should never be prevented from seeing reality.

    "Until we see what we are, we can not take steps to become what we should be".
    -Harriet Perkins Gilman

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