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I am a vegetarian who drinks cow's milk and eats eggs (but no flesh at all). It is easy to buy milk labeled "organic", but I would like other people's opinions on the best milk to buy that is organic AND cruelty free. In otherwords, I want to buy milk that comes from cows who just wander around a pasture all day grazing and smiling. I have been buying Horizon and while it says it's organic and has happy cows, it really doesn't go into specifics on the carton about their treatment of their cows.

Same with eggs. I buy organic eggs from Egglands Best. Some of the cartons have "cage-free" some don't.

I just want to make an informed choice. I don't want to pay double for milk and eggs that really aren't cruelty-free. But, I don't mind paying double if I am assurred they ARE cruelty-free.

Everyone's opinions are welcome. I live in the south Florida area so anyone from Florida who knows the stores here, please feel free to reply.

p.s. For those of you who are going to suggest I drink soy milk and cut out the eggs - I do drink soy sometimes, but I am a cows-milk girl and I don't eat eggs a lot, but I do enjoy them sometimes. I wish I could cut them out of my diet, but I can't. :)

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    Posted by Guadalupe90 at 07/19/14 20:58:05

    And since for 'free range' ovum! Appears happy will not that? Sadly on the other hand the truth is usually something completely different! All over again 'the real truth is obtainable. a (I've also been viewing a lot of old tapes associated with 'The Back button Files' lately. ) If 1 Googles these phrases: 'chooseveg, a 'com, a and 'free-range' the actual optical illusion will be open within sickening details.

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    Posted by lek462 at 07/18/14 06:47:25

    Just wanted to expose two more aspects on the 'chicken egg' issue - before you eat that egg, ask yourself, or your local 'chicken-keeper', these two questions:
    First, where do their 'egg-laying' hens come from? How do they manage to acquire ONLY females? Very few (if any) folks 'keep' an equal number of roosters, strutting around with their egg-laying sisters. Most male chicks are DESTROYED as soon as their gender can be verified.

    And, second, what happens when these 'egg-layers' stop producing eggs?

    When you understand how much cruelty is involved, you will never again think that you are simply 'taking' an egg that the hens 'don't want'...

    Don't be blind to the cruelty that you simply don't 'have' to see.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 01/10/13 15:28:52

    I understand exactly what you're asking. As a vegetarian, that's how I shopped too. I didn't mind paying extra for items that were truly humane.

    As for eggs, the most cruelty-free you can get is to find someone who has backyard chickens, or better yet rescued chickens, AND raises them like pets. In other words, once they can no longer lay eggs, this person doesn't ship them off for slaughter and instead lets the chickens live out their natural life.

    Alternatively, buy Vital Farms eggs. They're sold at Whole Foods. See They'll be the most expensive ones on the shelf, but that's because these hens are truly among the happiest in the world. They have the freedom to forage on organic green pastures under open skies and are raised exclusively on small family farms. It's not just a marketing gimmick. Vital Farms is the real deal.

    Eggland's Best, I'm sorry to say, is the worst. They treat their hens so terribly the Humane Society of the United States took action against them. See

    You were right to be skeptical of "organic" and "cage-free" eggs. With eggs in the U.S., organic does not mean free range. And free range does not equal humane. Many organic and free-range farms cram thousands of animals together in sheds or mud-filled lots to increase profits, just as factory farms do, and the animals often suffer through the same mutilations—such as debeaking without painkillers—that occur on factory farms.At the end of their sad lives, the animals who don't die on the farm are shipped on trucks through all weather extremes, usually without food, water or rest, to the same slaughterhouses used by factory farms. There they are hung upside-down and their throats are cut, often while they are still conscious and struggling to escape. Some are still conscious when they are forced into the scalding water of the defeathering tanks or when their bodies are hacked apart. I know you didn't want to read about that and I'm sorry to be the one to convey the news.

    More info here:

    If you want to know how egg labeling got this horribly dysfunction in the U.S., read "Trouble In the Henhouse" here

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 01/10/13 15:43:46

    If you don't have a Whole Foods near you where you can buy Vital Farms eggs, print out this list. It shows all the organic egg companies and tells you which ones are truly ethical:

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    Posted by Longdrive at 01/12/13 06:18:31

    Julie R, Sorry to throw cold water on your illusion but absolutely no cow milk production is 'cruelty free.' Not even 'organic.' The hard facts are out there on the internet but unfortunately non-executive users here are not allowed to include web site addresses. At least I think that is what 'HTML' refers to? If you Google 'animalequality' alone you will be short of three words 'net,' 'food,' and 'milk.' I hope that I have provided sufficient clues to enable you to source this very important information.

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    Posted by Longdrive at 01/12/13 06:30:18

    And as for 'free range' eggs! Sounds blissful doesn't it? Unfortunately however the reality is usually something very different! Again 'the truth is out there.' (I've been watching too many old tapes of 'The X Files' recently.) If one Googles the following words: 'chooseveg,' 'com,' and 'free-range' the illusion will be exposed in sickening detail.

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    Posted by Julie R at 01/12/13 20:34:24

    Thank you everybody for the information you have given me. Seems I am going to have to do what I didn't want to - but, knew along I would have to - give up cow milk and eggs. I appreciate everyone's comments.


    P.S. to Longdrive - Oh, how I miss Scully & Maulder!!!! :)

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    Posted by potr at 02/07/13 19:42:58

    Longdive is right. I have been vegetarian for many years. Then i finally got the guts to open my eyes. So many of us have the same delusions, imagining that cows and chickens can give us their milk and eggs without any, let alone awful consequences(for them). its not true. look up gary yourofsky on google. look up his website adaptt on google. on the left hand side it has a section named "all about veganism" go there you can read the facts about both the egg and dairy industries. I little at a time if you must. IT IS VERY DISTRESSING. I cannot believe that i proliferated this for so long, i am ashamed and very very sad.

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    Posted by potr at 02/07/13 19:44:30

    by the way the transition was easy for me, once i knew

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/25/13 08:20:40

    May I suggest four books addressing the dairy product issue...

    Diet For a New America......John Robbins
    Mad Cow & Milk Gate.........Virgil Hulse
    Milk: The Deadly Poison.....Robert Cohen
    The Weaning of America......Don Lutz

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    Posted by HariRaval at 06/09/13 22:43:24

    For the first time in North America, slaughter free milk is available in the Northeast area. We may think that milk cannot be cruelty free ever but it really can. Even without giving hormones, these cows give much more milk than their calves drink. This cruelty free creamery is located in Pennsylvania but the deliver and ship their products all over. Go to for more info. The main reason these guys are cruelty free is because they are slaughter free. The cows, calves and bulls on this farm will live a complete life and never be sent to the slaughter house.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 06/20/13 05:35:51


    Thanks for that good news! Most folks don't even know that milk cows typically go to the same slaughterhouses that beef cattle do, when milk production drops below the maximum profit level.

    But I would question whether even humanely treated cows milk is a good idea. All other mammals wean their young from milk at a young age. Humans reject nature's plan and refuse to be weaned, substituting a cow for the human mother. Weaning is an important step in the growth of a mammal into maturity. Some would say that refusing weaning denies maturation, both physically and mentally.
    May I humbly suggest my first book, "The Weaning of America".

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    Posted by noz at 12/07/14 14:41:42

    The dirty truth about "backyard" eggs...I am truly horrified by what they do to the live male chicks...they put in in a meat almost threw up.

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    Posted by Yoga Leaf at 06/27/14 09:32:11

    You don't have to cut out eggs. There are a lot of local farmers that you can contact and visit their farm to pick up their eggs. They have just their own pet chickens and deliver or have a few people buy eggs from them. I buy my eggs that way. The chickens all just hang out and the farmers will pick up the up fertilized eggs once or twice a day. It's a normal process. The birds will lay eggs whether they mate or not. If the farmers didn't pick up the I fertilized eggs they would just spoil and accumulate. It's much different than what you hear and know about factory egg farms. These are actual pasture raised pets.

    As for milk, that's a whole other beast. I've been looking for cruelty free but I just don't think it exists. There are farms that will treat their cows well and ensure pasture feelings, but the unfortunate truth is that their lives are only as valuable as for as long as they can be empire ganged and produce milk. It becomes an ethical debate rather than animal welfare. Some farms in Europe still milk only a few cows and deliver unpasteurized milk. That's just incomprehensible in North America. Everything is about money and efficiency more so than how happy and comfortable the animal is. :(

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    Posted by ShannonGalbraith at 06/27/14 16:00:11

    Chickens lay eggs regardless of whether or not it is fertilized. I don't see the harm in eating eggs that will not give life. My family has raised a small batch of hens, they were treated very well. They don't anymore so I'm looking for another place to get them. Whole foods isn't really in my area.

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    Posted by StephenS at 06/27/14 20:49:28

    To start - fuch Whole Theft!! There is always a better option if you are a local. I understand when traveling and such using big box homogenized locales are sometimes warranted, but if you are in your local area, do a little digging and you will find a boutique market or smaller scale farmer that can cut out the corporate giant.
    Anyhoo - as to the real point of this thread, so glad to hear you are thinking about cutting out eggs and dairy. I think that's the real end game if we are able. The facts are, there is no such thing as slavery done ethically. Whether you are keeping those slaves for their meat, milk, work or menses, it is still slavery. Just because there's a TV in the cell and a basketball hoop in the yard doesn't mean it's not jail. The question is, are you a veg who believes we are better than and deserve better treatment than our animal companions on this earth or not. If not, you can't compassionately support any industry that treats animals in a way you would not approve for humans. This includes rape farms for cows milk, and convent jails for chicken eggs.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 06/28/14 06:23:08


    Eggs are very high in cholesterol. At a lecture almost forty years ago, Dr. Jeffrey Bland (PhD in nutrition) told us that more than three eggs per week puts you at risk of too high cholesterol.

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    Posted by tsproc at 06/28/14 16:39:40

    milk and eggs and other bodily secretions are imbued with the oppressive act of taking them from their owners without consent.

    i don't know if anyone can live a cruelty-free life if functioning among humans, in this civilization~
    i like how someone stated it, that some of us, we're cruelty-lite.

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