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Please take a moment to sign this petition regarding the cruelty and suffering inflicted on Finland's fur foxes. We are petitioning the head veterinary counsellor at the Department of Agriculture in Finland! Many of these animals, aside from being kept in abhorrent conditions for the entirety of their short lives, regain consciousness during skinning due to inhumane and ineffective methods of execution. No animal deserves this kind of treatment. Finland's Fur Foxes need your help!
Sign, share and speak up. Ban Factory Fur Farming Now!

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    Posted by Gribz at 11/03/14 13:25:20

    I like when people stand up for animals, I have been defending animals all my life and even decided to become an animal rights advocate, and I decided that thx to my inspiration, this guy and the work he does made me in to the man I am now.

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