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I just found this interesting petition. Till last year, it was totally legal to hunt animals such as elephants in Botswana (you only had to get a license). Actually, there was a big scandal in Spain in 2012 because the former king went to hunt there while his country was in a big economic crisis and while he was the honourary president of the WWF for Spain.

Last year, Botswana's Government temporary banned hunting because the populations of animals were decreasing and they want to investigate the causes. But they clearly indicated thay hunting would be authorised again in the near future. That is why I found that this petition is interesting, because it's asking to make the ban permanent. No more elephant kills.

Here is where you can sign the petition:

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/14/15 06:10:31

    I'm not familiar with the issue in Botswana. Is it a ban on all hunting or just hunting elephants?

    If it's all hunting it would be impossible to enforce and perhaps not such a great idea.

    There are millions of people around the world who have no adequate source of food other than subsistence hunting.

    It's very sad to say, but war, corporate destruction of the environment, and global warming is forcing more people to hunt non-human animals for food.

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