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Supposedly there is the Nation Animal Welfare Bill (NAW) since 2005, the purpose being to 'promote humane, responsible and accountable care, protection and use of domestic animals, livestock, wildlife and animals kept for scientific purposes, and the standards required to achieve this end, and for related purposes'. It's not a law; it's simply a code at this time. I've heard arguments that animals aren't treated as badly as portrayed on extremist websites such as, regarding NAW. I disagree and still believe that animals are given virtually no rights despite the efforts of NAW, and are still greatly harmed during testing; scientists disregard this bill and simply DON'T CARE! Does anyone else have an opinion about animal testing and animal rights during the process?

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    Posted by treehugger at 03/11/08 09:36:47

    I've NEVER understood (nor will I) why animals are used to test products for humans. The whole concept is completely insane to me.
    I mean, you wouldn't test dog flea powder on a human now would you!

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    Posted by Tatiana at 03/11/08 12:05:12

    I heard recently that much of Europe plans to ban the sale and import of products that were tested on animals.

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    Posted by veggielvr02 at 03/11/08 20:52:39

    All animals have different anatomy, though there are some similarities. It seems almost even more unsafe that they test on animals because something that doesn't affect one animal may negatively affect another. It's pointless and it causes pain and suffering for no reason. There are so many products out there that you can buy that don't test on animals. I make sure I don't buy it unless I know they don't.

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    Posted by KellyVeganGirl at 06/18/08 10:37:43

    Animal testing is so cruel .People are so retarded. It's so unsafe since it leads to wrong conclusions and also pointless since animals weren't created like people. Hardly any products out there have ingredients not tested on animals. There's many companies that claim their products are cruelty free because the final product isn't tested on animals but they get ingredients that are tested on animals. is a list of companies that sell products that don't test formulations, ingredients, and final products on animals. I used to go by PeTA's list but not anymore since I found out most of the companies on their list get their ingredients from companies that test on animals. It's so depressing. Revlon for example doesn't test on their final products on animals but they use ingredients that were tested on animals. CCIC has been trying to get them to go cruelty free for yrs.

    Test on murderers instead!

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    Posted by peace! at 11/15/08 23:44:41

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