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Hi friends,

So I'll just cut to the chase. I'm in Portland, Oregon. This guy that I know that was a friend of mine (or I thought was a friend) went on a fishing expedition. He has been killing and maiming sharks and posting the pics on Instagram like some kind of sick trophy. It's stating the obvious that these massive, beautiful creatures were tortured and suffered horrible, excruciating deaths, left to bleed out on the deck of his boat while he and his crew stood around laughing and taking Instagram pictures. One of the sharks was even sawed in half.

I am revolted, disgusted and horrified. I would like to know what can be done to report him for this abuse and to try to do my part to stop this from happening again to any more of these defenseless, majestic animals. My friends and I have set up a very basic website which provides a snapshot of the basic facts and a few screenshots of the images before he pulled them from his Instagram account after hearing outrage from my friends and I and other members of the local animal rights community. The site is

Thank you for your support and I appreciate any advice.
Daniel L.
Portland, OR

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