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Hello members. My name is Jeremie. I am a vegetarian who has recently become more and more interesting in animals rights. Wanted to introduce myself to everyone and also share my fav AR Website. Animal Advocacy 101 -

Feel free to share any insightful videos and sites with me, I am also happy to learn more.

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    Posted by shearwater at 11/01/09 16:59:33

    Hi Jeremie! Welcome to the Cow Pasture (watch where you step)

    There are a lot of good videos available. You can search for some on YouTube. PETA has a lot at their website and on their YouTube channel. I'd also recommend checking out the catalog sections of animal rights websites for topics you are interested in if you want to buy videos. There's so many available on every conceivable topic. Some I like that also get a lot of good reviews from other activists -

    "A Cow At My Table"
    PETA's "Meet Your Meat"
    PETA's series of 4 videos "Animals Are Not Ours To..."

    Some of my favorite animal rights websites I keep bookmarked to regularly check out the latest news, recent action alerts, and for info on various issues - (all about meat & the environment) (good info on threats to sea life)

    Sea Shepherd has an excellent website, always up to date with lots of great info - during their anti-whaling campaigns you can read blogs and watch videos of actions almost as they happen.

    There's a lot of great info on the web. I hope these help you find what you are looking for.

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