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I would like to ask you for some support and opinions.

We are making a video game about something that is important to us. Pigsodus will be a vegan (but not openly, not in right-into your-face style) humorous horror-RPG about a pig that escapes a truck heading to a slaughterhouse after it learns that idyllic farm life is a trap. It will be a bit like a Trojan Horse - the story will tie people emotionally with the fate of the animals and make them think about it, but not in any specific way, they will choose their own.

Maybe there is someone here who have heard about it? The demo we made doesn't show the story at all, but gamers should find it interesting. We are really looking forward for some feedback.

We are gathering support on our Thunderclap:

PS. This is the video that precisely inspired us to make Pigsodus:

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