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No-Bake Vegan Carrot Cake by Trinity (Gluten-Free Too!)

Raw carrot cake slice by Trinity Bourne

It seems like an eternity since I made my first raw carrot cake, some 15 years ago. A small group (4 of us) formed the ‘Raw Pudding Club’ – we’d gather before lunch, all bringing the most delicious raw desserts (with an occasional salad on the side 😉 ). We’d spend 12 hours straight indulging, chatting, learning, laughing, crying and inspiring one another with anything from food to optimal health…

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Gingery Fried Millet Rice with Mushroom and Mustard Greens

Happy, happy Monday! This is straight up clean eating. It’s one of those dishes that makes you feel really good after eating. Here’s the how. 1 tablespoon olive oil 1/2 cup onion, chopped 1 heaping teaspoon peeled and grated ginger 2 cups mushrooms, sliced 3 cups millet rice (see below) 3 cups mustard greens, chopped 2 tablespoons soy sauce 1/2 teaspoon white pepper 1 teaspoon garlic powder In a large…

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Meatless Monday/ Recipes/ Veganism

Pureed Potatoes with Watercress. Easy, vegan and delish.

I am convinced that Mondays are collectively, the most yummy day of the week. Here is a recipe that you should make because watercress is awesome and you and I both know that you don’t eat it often because like me, you get stuck in the produce rut if kale, avocados and more kale. Pick up some watercress and give this a try. You’ll be happy you did. Simple. Tasty.…

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General/ vegan history/ vegetarian history

London Vegans 1856 – Elizabeth And William Horsell

Note – I use the word ‘vegan’ in my historical ramblings to refer to folks who ate only plants – ……but please remember that the word ‘vegan’ itself was not used until 88+ years ago – in 1944. Pioneer Vegan William Horsell, London, c.1857 (1) Vegan London We are a part of an old tradition! There were actually vegan ‘meet-ups’ & ‘pot-lucks’ being held in London 150+ years ago. We are…

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Cooking/ Meatless Monday/ Recipes/ Veganism

Bad Ass Vegan Fish Sandwich (because there is no such thing as sustainable fishing)

This is a very special Monday – You are about to embark on a recipe that is not only totally kid tested and approved but something different to add to your Meatless Monday repertoire. While it does take a little doing to make the vegan fish sticks (or “wish” sticks if you prefer), the tartar sauce is crazy easy and putting the sandwich together is a breeze. Another cool thing is…

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Meatless Monday/ Recipes/ Veganism

Baked Tofu and Artichoke Mushroom Cashew Griller

Today is an extra special Monday because you get two recipes in one. I was inspired by a friend of mine to make cashew artichoke dip. I played around with it and came up with something just for you cowlings. The addition of sautéed mushrooms gives this dip / spread a deep, rich flavor that even the pickest of eaters will like. This recipe is awesome as a straight up dip (think…

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