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Meat-Eaters Enjoy Mock Meats, Too

Vegetarians and vegans, you’ve got company: A new report shows that meat-eaters are also chowing down on mock meats, tofu, tempeh, and seitan. In fact, according to Mintel market research group, more than one-third of Americans are now eating these healthy meat-free foods and only a fraction of them identify themselves as vegetarians or vegans. Some meat-eaters are reportedly eating mock meats in place of animal flesh, and others are…

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Great Vegan Meat Alternative: Butler Soy Curls

If you’re not familiar with Butler Soy Curls, this is an amazing product. Soy curls are an unseasoned and unflavored dehydrated bean  curd. Since they’re dehydrated, flavor can be infused by rehydrating them in a flavorful sauce. For example, in the picture above I used this product to make a vegan chicken curry.The dried bean curd was simmered in a sauce that was flavored with vegan chicken bouillon and seasoned…

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ecoVegan mock meat

While at the recent ExpoWest Natural Foods Expo in Anaheim, CA, we met with a new mock meat provider called ecoVegan.  Aside from doing an amazing job of imitating meat (even too close to the real thing for some!), this vegan owned company also produces these products in an exclusively vegan facility, so there is no chance for cross-contamination. Great to know, especially after such investigations like “Operation Pancake” done…

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Mock Mock Meats

Hi Everyone, HappyCow friends at recently launched an unprecedented investigation into the common ingredients used at a string of vegan restaurants in the Greater Los Angeles area.  The results are surprising, alarming, and worth taking a look. QuarryGirl secretly tested the ingredients from 17 so-called “vegan” restaurants to see if they contained traces of egg, casein (a milk derivative), and/or shellfish.  Of 17 places they checked, only 10 passed…

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