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Vegan “Meat” Croquettes

Here is a fun and easy recipe for vegan “meat” croquettes by Sofie Senden using just a few simple ingredients to make the filling: onion, eggplant and mushroom. These are perfect as a snack or appetizer, and go great with vegan mayo or other dipping sauce of your choice. This recipe makes 30 croquettes. Here’s how it’s done:…

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Trans Fats Are Found in Animal-Based Foods

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is working to eliminate artificial trans fats—those commonly found in processed foods, including desserts, microwave popcorn, frozen pizza, margarine, and coffee creamer—from the food supply, saying that they can raise LDL, or “bad,” cholesterol and cause heart disease. According to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, there’s “no safe level of consumption of trans fat.” The American Heart Association recommends limiting the amount of trans fats…

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Down With Mystery Meat!

It’s National School Lunch Week: Do you know what your kids are eating? If they’re still trying to force down mystery meat, it’s a toss-up. Yep, that gray matter that was the butt of so many jokes when we were kids is still around, but now it’s more disgusting than mysterious. We know that a lot of mystery meat is actually “mechanically separated meat,” which is made by sending animals’…

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Taco Bell Has a Beef With Meat

Meat is a four-letter word. It’s high in fat and cholesterol, and it contributes to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other life-threatening diseases. It comes with warnings about E. coli and other foodborne bacteria, and it’s linked to climate change, pollution, and other serious environmental problems. U.S. Department of Agriculture statistics show that many Americans are fed up with meat, and compassionate, health-conscious people (you know who you are) won’t…

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cannibal planet

I am convinced that were it not for the convenience and the distance afforded by the myriad available venues from which we purchase all manner of of consumer goods, we would see some changes in our shopping lists. It’s so easy to buy things without the vaguest idea of the real story preceding their arrival in the marketplace. In many cases, perhaps most, the supply-chain history would be of little…

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