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Veganism – A Life Containing No Logical Contradictions

Here we reflect on some of our favorite early vegans (…..and aspiring vegans), and some of their writings / publications, where they discuss 100% perfectly consistent vegetable diets. Definitions of old terms are in green – debate welcomed! We also share some special items from our Ernest Bell Library. . 1886 Henry S. Salt – in his essay Food Reform – Published: Westminster Review, October 1886 “To Sylvester Graham, above all others, should perhaps…

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vegan history/ vegetarian history

Advocates of Vegetative Food organize an American Vegetarian Society

“Vegetative” – an adjective – meaning – “relating to vegetation or plant life”  Here we share, for the first time on the Internet, an 1849 letter. From the Reverend William Metcalfe to Joel Shew. Writing to propose that there be an  American Vegetarian Society. The original of the letter is in our Ernest Bell Library. ~ And now, Mr. Editor, may I be permitted to ask you, and the friends…

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American Vegetarian Society 1850 & Remembering Rynn Berry – by Martin Rowe

Daily Evening Transcript ~ Boston, Massachusetts ~ Monday, May 20, 1850   The editorial is a journalist’s ‘take’ on the inaugural meeting of The American Vegetarian Society of Wednesday 15th & Thursday 16th May 1850! Quite a cutting / sarcastic piece of journalism! ……but we are are very glad that it was written. Prior to today, this has appeared nowhere else on the Internet. This is the last item which we were…

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