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Health/ Veganism

The Healthy Vegan

The Vegan lifestyle is arrived at via many different paths.  Some come to it by taking a stand against factory farming, and animal cruelty, while others want to be kinder to the earth, and then there is the awareness of the health benefits of a plant based diet.  However you end up arriving, once you get here, the days of worrying about Vitamin B-12, and how you’ll get your protein,…

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Environment/ Health/ Nutrition

The Non-GMO Diet

As a Vegan, do you need to care about or even advocate for non-GMO food production?  Well, considering that the 9 genetically engineered food crops currently on the market in the U.S. are all “Vegan”, and that tomatoes are being mixed with flounder genes in order to grow larger and more quickly the answer might be a resounding YES.  But the biggest kicker of them all is the fact that…

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Buy Local, Buy Organic

I was doing research on genetically modified organisms (GMO) and found an article in the recent winter edition of California Alumni Magazine titled Dinner by Design. It is an interesting read. In the article, the author presents arguments on both sides of the GMO debate ultimately siding with the argument for GMOs as he believes GMOs are best at “beating pests to extending shelf life to creating prettier apples.” He…

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Soybeans and the environment

It seems carnivores want to make us, vegetarians and vegans, out to be the environmental bad guys. As the Brazilian rainforest is being destroyed by illegal soybean plantations the finger is being pointed at us the biggest culprit. Except, of course, that according to Worldwatch Institute nearly 80 per cent of global soybean harvest is used to feed livestock.…

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