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Living Web Films – Regenerative Agriculture

ABOUT THE FILM:Many advanced civilizations vanished because they did not take care of their soil. This film is about a new, progressive, and advanced practice of agriculture, that will regenerate the soil. With Regenerative Agriculture we create healthier food, build communities, and most importantly increase the top soil. Top soil, the skin of the earth, is where the life of the plant exists, and that is where our food comes from. Top soil sequesters CO2, turning a poison (in atmosphere) to food. According to many scientists, ranchers, and environmentalists worldwide, if we increase the top soil by 1.6%, the top soil sequesters so much CO2 that the amount of CO2 in atmosphere goes back to the amount before the industrial revolution in less than 10 years. The film documents different methods of advanced practices including water management through keyline design, the reintroduction of animals in to landscape, fertility management, and relocalization. Shot on three continents in some of the most beautiful farms on the planet, featuring interviews with some of the most incredible scientist, farmers, environmentalist, and visiting amazing organizations like Earth Island Institute, Orella Ranch Stewardship,… A full 2nd production team is in Pre-Production in amazing farms near Caspian Sea, including my sister Talieh Sefidkoohi as the 2nd Director and my niece and nephews, Azi, Mamali, and Reza. Mr. James Arnold Taylor, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s (Star Wars) voice over talent has also shown interest. The Voice over you hear in this trailer is also the voice of Mr. James Arnold Taylor.GOAL:

Simply put, we want to get the film out to as many people as possible. This film carries a universal message. Regardless of age, sex, nationality, religion,… we all share one home, our precious planet earth. And as far as we know, there is no back up for our home. Keeping this planet healthy is beneficial for all of us. We will explore all distribution options. We plan on taking the film on a tour throughout the world with prominent scientists who can answer people’s questions.


Kickstarter is the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world. Every month tens of thousands of amazing people pledge millions of dollars to projects from the worlds of music, art, film, technology, design, food, and other creative fields. Every Kickstarter project must be fully funded before its time expires.


If we don’t raise our goal, we don’t get anything. Donors pledge the amounts, but don’t actually pay until the goal is reached and the funding deadline has passed. We want to avoid this so please spread the word. Everything helps! When we meet our goal we will begin licensing the rights and finish the editing so that we can send you the rewards.


This needs to be a big movie. The normal way of making a big movie is to sell the idea to a studio and give up control. That’s why we’ve turned to Kickstarter. The more capital we can raise, the more we bring to the table, the more clout we’ll ultimately have to make the movie we want, in the way we want. Already we’ve received so much support – from artists, musicians, permaculture designers, filmmakers and actors who all want to be part of this. Now we’re asking for your support. We must raise $10,600 to kickstart this film! This film is only going to be possible with the help of you (Anyone who loves a positive, inspiring story about the health of all species). We want this to be your film just as much as it is ours. The more people who Participate the more chance we have of getting the story out. To help out please “Like” us on Facebook, email this Kickstarter link and let your friends, teammates, supporter groups, and co-workers know about the film and this campaign. We would love for people to get involved on a local level. Email info@LivingWebFilms to get more information and become involved.

Thanks again.

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