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Vitamin D: Is supplementation a non-negotiable?

No one will argue that preventing Vitamin D deficiency is a very good idea, but who is truly at risk, how much Vitamin D is needed and from what sources is where it gets tricky.  In my own research I’ve seen recommendations from reputable medical practitioners that say fortified foods and 10-15 minutes of sunshine 3 times a week is perfectly adequate to physician’s prescribing 50,000 IU’s per day for…

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Health/ Veganism

Veganism and vitamin deficiencies

But here I found myself forced to defend over and over again my reasons for being vegan - the benefits to the environment, the improvement to the animal’s wellbeing, the advantage for my own health. The situation escalated to the point a friend asked me if I was going to wait until I'd had my first miscarriage before I started 'taking care' of myself. The support I was once given…

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