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Cocoa, Certifying Poverty, A Better Future

Unripe Cocoa Pods Growing in Madagascar In this blog post we reflect on: – how cocoa has helped the animal rights movement historically. cocoa’s role in today’s 2016 vegan businesses. the merits and shortfalls of Fair Trade certification, & of the other certification options available to cocoa growers & cocoa processors. alternatives to the current certification options. …… Red Lights Certified ‘Vegan’ chocolate products may contain dairy and egg – especially if they were made on…

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Vegan Libido

Libido is a Freudian term describing the force or psychic energy behind human action; especially the sexual urge or as some might put it passion, sexual appetite, instinct or drive, “the hots”, randiness, mojo (how I personally refer to it thanks Austin Powers) or erotic desire.  Freud had a very precise and thorough process of psychoanalysis laid out for all the stages and manifestations of libido throughout the lifecycle and…

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