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Creamy Vegan Cauliflower Coconut Sauce

When most people think of creamy sauces, they usually imagine dairy milk, yoghurt or cream as an essential ingredient for a lip-lickin’, smooth buttery result. Seldom do people imagine… erm, cauliflower! Having eaten a plant-based diet for the best part of 20 years, I’ve developed a real passion for finding out what new dishes I can whip of from the most random vegetables. It turns out that cauliflower, especially when…

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Cooking/ Health/ Recipes

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus – Delicious Vegan Dip

Roasted red pepper hummus by Trinity

Hummus is a delicious plant-based dip that first emerged from the middle east. With growing awareness of health and wellness it has rapidly gained popularity in other parts of the world too, (especially in our house!). In addition to regular hummus ingredients, my variation of the traditional version, brings in the tantalising sweetness of roasted sweet pepper. It gives an awesome combination of beneficial nutrients too… Sesame seeds (pureed –…

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Guacamole – A Perfect Healthy Vegan Snack

Guacamole is thought to have originated in Aztec, Mexico, evolving from whatever was available locally. Most people I know adore the rich, fatty, creaminess of avocado and feel delighted to see it show up at meal times. Avocados are laden with health benefits, so it is no wonder that they rank at the top of every discerning health seekers menu. I’ve written a whole article about the health benefits of…

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Summer Garden Berry Smoothie

vegan summer garden berry smoothie

There’s something deeply satisfying about the vibrant sweetness of a summer garden berry smoothie, especially with fruit freshly gathered from your own raspberry and strawberry plants (if you are fortunate enough to grow your own that is). For years, my soft fruit crops never seemed to yield enough to allow me to bring any back to the kitchen, because I’d devour them straight off the plant! These days, I feel…

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Make Your Own Raw Vegan Chocolate (step by step video)

Making chocolate is always a popular topic of conversation amongst my friends, so I’ve decided to make my first recipe video a step by step guide to creating your very own raw vegan chocolate. Most people who haven’t created this delectable treat before assume that it’s complicated. Once you know how you’ll see that it is really easy. Not only that, you’ll find that you can create it consciously, infusing…

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Travel/ Veganism

Travelling in Spain and Guatemala with Veganbnb Travel – an interview with Emma Fry

As the years pass, being vegan is becoming more widely accepted around the world and it certainly is much easier to go on vacation as a conscientious traveler. With the increasing popularity of vegetarian and vegan friendly accommodation, I had however, until recently, not managed to track down any travel organizations that specialize in exclusive vegan travel. Much to my delight, at the annual VegFest event in Brighton, England, I…

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