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Animal Rights in the Mainstream Media

Animal Rights in the Media

Last month, Chipotle shared an ad that gained some media attention. Most notably, there were some tear-jerker moments that included the saddened face of a cow and a chicken being injected with hormones to “beef it up” behind closed doors. I admit that even I was emotional during this video. It’s really powerful and even though I don’t think anyone will become vegan or vegetarian after viewing it, there’s certainly a interest in this from omnivores who view this in a new light.

In the early days of my journey into veganism, I often asked myself, how could anyone NOT be vegetarian or vegan? I have since come to realize that not everyone will follow the same path that we have, but it’s great to see videos like this out there that really make people think, no matter what their diet consists of. And I think that’s important, even if they don’t convert that very minute. Just the fact that it’s making people think is really a step in the right direction.

After watching the latest video, which features the beautiful voice of Fiona Apple singing “Pure Imagination”, I realized that they also had a video featured Willie Nelson singing Coldplay’s “The Scientist”, which offers a similar message and challenges the viewer to look at the current state of the agriculture industry. Let’s not even consider the fact that these are way more toned down than an undercover slaughterhouse investigation. I’d even argue that these are easily approachable and simpler to digest than peering into the very dark and real videos of conditions live animals endure behind the scenes.

As I understand we can’t force anyone to make a decision about how they eat or what they eat, this offers a great way to shed some light on some big issues in a friendly way. Even children could view these are understand something isn’t right. And yet Chipotle still serves animal products. I’m not supporting their food options which include animal products, but I do applaud the fact that they have simply challenged the way many people view the industry and that they are aiming to raise the standards. I know many will disagree, but the point I’m trying to make is that videos like these inform people of all the things they would probably otherwise not even think about and presents it in a way that’s easily digestible.

What did you think when you viewed these videos for the first time? Do you think they will have a positive or negative impact on people’s food choices?

View The Scarecrow video below:

View the Back to the Start video below:

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