Davy Jones is rumored to be a vegetarian musician, of the Monkees


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Posted on 01 Mar 2012

Davy Jones ate fish at times and therefore Not Vegetarian.. this was food orders to cook for band

DAVY JONES dressing room:
1 bottle extra strength Tylenol
hot water (for tea)
teabags (assorted, include IRISH BREAKFAST TEA)
cut-up lemon
half and half (preferred) or milk
REAL cups or mugs (not paper or styrofoam)
6 small (individual) size bottle of EVIAN water (or equivalent brand)
6 bottles of SNAPPLE and/or juice
1 small sliced fruit tray
1 small veggie tray
1 bowl of pretzels, chips, and crackers
6 towels

CATERING REQUIREMENTS: A) LUNCH FOR CREW (sandwiches, salads, deli trays, juices, water, and soft drinks for six people) availble at time of load-in.
B) DINNER FOR 20 PEOPLE (PLEASE BE ADVISED: tour manager must be contacted before order is placed!)
*Special Dietary Restrictions:

1) Davy Jones - Vegetarian, will eat fish (prefers pasta, salads)
2) Peter Tork - Vegetarian, will eat fish or fowl (no tomatoes or tomato sauces)
3) Micky Dolenz - prefers fish or fowl
4) Michael Nesmith - no dietary restrictions
5) band and crew - no dietary restrictions
SUGGESTIONS: baked/broiled fish, turkey, homemade fried chicken, lasagna, pasta prima vera, chinese stir fries, etc.

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