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Anthony Kiedis

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Anthony Kiedis is has been rumored to be a vegetarian singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Birth date: November
Veg Source: According to this article from June, 2008 he is now vegan:
He recently told PETA bosses, "Soon after I went vegan, I saw some documentary footage of what happens in the factory farming of cows... It sealed the deal."

Anthony Kiedis moved to Los Angeles in the early 1980s as a young man to live with his father. It was in Los Angeles that he met with soon-to-be fellow bandmates of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. In the band's early days, they played clubs in the Hollywood and LA area and had a loyal follwing. It was in the 1990s that they shot to stardom with their hit album, Blood Sex Magic. Since the 1980s, the Chili Peppers has recorded many albums and toured extensively. For a long time Kiedis was well-loved for his long slick hair and good looks. He sports many tattoos.


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"Anthony Kiedis, singer of Red Hot Chili Peppers, is not a vegetarian. Maybe he used to, but I would run into him from time to time when I was in Los Angeles. Last time I saw him I told him that I was reading one of his books, and that I was pleased to learn that he was a vegetarian. He told me that he was a "vegequarian". Which is a new and misleading term for a pescitarian. He told me that he used to be a vegetarian but he now eats fish." - Josh, May 2007

Anthony is definitely vegan. As a fan of the RHCP for 25+ years, I have followed their trials and tribulations and the many paths they've followed. And I think I've seen most every interview the band's conducted; Anthony is definitely vegan and no doubt the sexiest! :)

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